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By Torangemon{Miyu}

Driving the feathers down
Ch. 1

{Disclamer:Warning! this fanfiction is known to be a psychotic form of abnormal writer's scitzophrenia and a Antartic porkchop flu.{Yes, I was terminally ill about the odd-shaped porkchops that danced in a treasure chest in the Artic that was yet, found by a RPGing Sailor Moon. One of my Male friends played her in an RPG and stated to me that I should go buy eggs at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.}This fic does not and should not fit into the time slot of the series..any series for that matter. It is just one of those Dejimon otaku fan things.}

It was a matter of moments before Angewomon took matters into her own hands. One of those kind of nights you would wish to stay by your rubberduckymon for defense in a bathtub, rather than staying outside watching the world around you go ballistic over a ridiculous card game. Actually, she wasn't fond of playing cards, and the fact that she likes it only when she wins. Ever since Primary Village had been reconstructed years ago, a lot of the old enemies have reconstructed their brains.
Like Myo for example, a Mon with equal fashion sense as Devimon and who takes interest in steroids when ever a battle to the death emerges. Ever since he's been deleted and reconfigured, he's never been the same. Sometimes Angemon and Angewomon think they made a mistake and deleted his source of thinking. "I think I liked him better before he was reborn...It's not every day you see a vampire on a skateboard! Or the thing about Myotismon getting ornery and being a brat when he can't get his way." Angemon reminds Angewomon when ever they meet Myotismon on a path, doing some odd things. But doesn't Myo mean "Strange"?
Also the fact that Devimon and him are best buddies, which devimon has less brainpower and a lack of comprehension.He just seems to space out when he's being told to do something and seems to act like he's high above the clouds. Of course Devimon isn't the only one. You may not tell or not if he was doing it, but Angemon has a tendency to do it too. Their never interested in anything you say unless it involves some serious business. Angemon just stands there with that frozen slanted smile, while he could be rolling his eyes or brain around in digispace. That's why Angewomon hates the idea of the three playing cards. It's just not one of those normal games that would happen.

"Hey snaggle tooth, hand me some decaf! I'm running out of energy for my brain to dexterically feed on!" Devi says hyper enough to bounce off the seat and smack around someone for the fun of it. "Do I look like your slavemon? Tell Angewomon to get one...she's the womon of the party. Slave her around for a while!" Myo complains trying to guess Angemon's next move. "Not a bad idea. Angewoo-" Devi was cut off as Angewomon swats his silver haired head with an arrow. "This is your 30th cup of coffee! If I give you anymore, you'll probably jump in a lake and swim back and forth until you forgot why!" She yells with aggervation. "It was only Decaffienated." Devi explains. "I don't care! This Digiworld full of enough weirdos..we don't need an increase in pests!" Angewomon exclaims with a throbbing wein on her forehead. "Can I at least have a jelly donut?" He replies sheepishly, but the keeps his mouth shut when she eyes him down. "Poor Angie. Maybe you should take a nice refreshing dip in the lake. That ought to cool you off for a while." Angemon suggests throwing out another card to Myo. "Maybe you're right. I need to relax...maybe I should go now. Since you're the smartest of the three, I want you to watch over the fort while I'm gone. Be good little Viruses and Vaccine while I'm away!" She remarks leaving the camp to Angemon, Myotismon, and Devimon. "Yes, Mam!" They answer and return to the cards. An hour passes by andd guess who comes for a visit...Piedmon! "Hello fine citizens, can I play?" Piedmon asks with the glee of coffee and card games. "Try the circus next door. I hear they give good pay for types like you!" Myo says trying to pick a card and focus his hatred toward Piedmon. Vampires are not really fond of clowns. "Plleeeeaaassss!" Piedmon begged trying to steal the ace that Devimon had tucked under the Devil mask he wore that sat on the ground. "I thought we called you people last week! Besides, the Mrs.had already mailed you a check, so go get a job at Barnem and Bailey, Piedmonkey!" Angemon explains watching the fumes rise up from Piedmon's collar.

Chapter Two

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