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A Blue Tiger waits at my Doorstep


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A Blue Tiger waits at my Doorstep
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"A Blue Tiger Waits at my Doorstep"
By Torangemon

Cold and dreary were words to describe the night set in the digiworld this day. Darkness overcome by the ice and terror of past, a past too painful wanted not to be remembered. Myotismon's life had started over again, yet only the memories of suffering existed in nightmares. He couldn't get away from the chamber of dark wickedness that followed him around, and seemed to be confined in his mind and heart. Maybe the beauty of the night's illuminous stars and moon could banish it away for awhile,but, only for a little time to enjoy his surroundings. Myotismon decided he would stroll around the dark forest he lived nearby for a bite to quench his thirst. The line of trees seemed endless as he looked to his side. it seemed like the whole area was abandoned. Abandoned. Like he had felt for as long as he can remember, and yet, the feeling still flows through his veins as if a dark cold blood seeping throughout his body like disease. Everywhere, still now, he traveled to, the lonely winds swept the little happiness that remained in him away. Since then, he has never had much ambition to go out and explore. "Why would anyone want to be around something like me anyway?" Myotismon thought to himself disturbed and angered by the silence. Now he just wished someone would at least pass him or even attack him. He was tired of being left alone. Alone and abandoned. These forests were too quiet, dark and dismal. Not even the single sound of a cricket, or ripples of water in the lake next to the forest could be heard. Myotismon, dissapointed, turned away to head back to his silent and dead-like domain.

Suddenly, not far away, a sound of brush rustled and rushing feet against the grassy earth came to be. Myotismon's eyes widened in suprise. Finally he would be satisfied in such a while and get the painful hunger for blood fufilled. The sound increased and become closer, much more closer. The sound of claws scratched the soil and paws or feet seemed to jump from their location into a hard solid surface. A fast speeding wind went through the path of trees, reaching Myotismon and blowing back his cape and bangs. It then seemed to howl as it left the area and silence entered yet again. He was determined to reach what ever was waiting for him, so, he ran with little energy, yet great determination to where the sound appeared to come from. He came to the center and heart of the forest, but, did not find anything. He was sure he had heard something, other than that he'd imagined the whole thing. Right before he turned his back, footsteps of shoes suddenly stepped onto the grass. Myotismon turned around to find a shadowy figure, hidden by the dark shadows of the tall trees. It came closer and he finally had a good view of what it was. Myotismon was shocked at what he saw before him. A young woman not too short of his height wandered almost close to where he had stood. She wasn't a digimon humanoid womon, but a real human woman that seemed to be frightened and lost. She suddenly saw the dark outline of the shape of his body and started to back up in fear. "Who are you? Are you man or beast? Don't come any closer!" She exclaimed. Myotismon stepped closer to her to get good look at her appearance. She was a short-haired female with bluish hair and brown frightened eyes that were locked onto Myotismon's cold blue eyes. "Please. Do not be afraid of me, I am not like the monsters that savagely roam this island and attack for the pleasure of it. If you are lost, I will show you to a place where you can stay and rest." Myotismon explained, hoping to get chance in this moment to sink his fangs into her. He did not want to hurt such an innocent creature, but it was his instinct. Yet, he could perhaps keep her at his castle for a good company until the time seemed right.

"Please follow me,quickly. Night around this area becomes like a black pit full of deadly suprises,so it's best to stay in secure shelter till' dawn." Myotismon explained. "You have my thanks,honorable one;I would have suffered here in the nightly colds, if I hadn't met you. What shall I refer you as,sir?" The girl asked kindly, with a shimmering innocence sparkling in her eyes. Thinking that she might have some reference to digimon,especially virus types, he decided to act like a human companion to this girl in order to not stir up some suspicion."Just call me...Milo mon Otis..." As terrible as it sounded, Myotismon blurted it out of quick thoughts. It was a rather odd,funny name that he mistakenly stuck himself with, but it had to do. "It's soundes foreign to my location, but I guess not to this mysterious world. You look very aristocrat-like, but high class if I might add; I cannot wait to see where you live!" The blue-haired girl smiled happily up at his slightly sweatdropping face. He felt like smacking himself out of foolishness, but then could smack himself for a good question. "What is your name and where do you come from?" Myotismon peered down at her curiously as he walked.
"My name?...Miyukio..and my location was from..Odaiba."
She hesistated somewhat. "Odaiba?" Myo thought recalling that some digidestined had lived there, and many of his battles occurred there. "She looks to old to be a DD brat, but could she of been-" Miyukio interrupted, causing his thoughts to shatter. "Are you okay,Milo? You look weak and tired...maybe you should lean on me." She helpfully asked. Myotismon was weak and tired, the piercing pain of bloodthirst shook up his nerves and drained his energy. "Yes...very kind of's not too long to my place." He stated tired from thinking and carefully placed his arm over her shoulder, but not without getting a good look at her neck; the vein he could see was pumping with blood. Myotismon was to tempted to wait, but he had to wait, not now, but when she was rested at his new castle. After a few more kilometers they plopped themselves exausted on the ground right in front of a beautiful, but depressing castle. It wasn't as large and immense as the ancient castle he used before left by Gennai and other Digimon researchers within the Digital World, but it was suitable for just him and perhaps a guest. He recovered quicker from exaustion than Miyukio, so he picked the girl up and carried her gently inside the great castle walls. "It's so comfortable, yet, lonely here. I haven't had decent rest in days since I suddenly was taken to this place. I was so frightened and depressed that no one would find me...but you did." She started with a shiny tear daring to fall down her pale flesh-colored cheek. "No one has ever thanked me like this...I had always been held back by the things I couldn't do right. But soon I may lose such a pretty face because of my cursed self." Myotismon was strucked with a deep doom of sadness, but cheered himself only partly when he lifted her chin with an ungloved finger. He went slowly for a kiss, and she accepted. Myotismon almost fell into temptation of draining her life liquid, yet resisted when he noticed how cold her delicate skin felt. So deathly cold, like frost, and suprisingly colder than his undead flesh. "How peculiar...maybe I'm it's just me. I so ancient, I'm suprised that I'm not an ice cube like some of the ancient Skull Mammothmon in the Artic of File Island. I'll wait till' tonight, when her dreams have taken in her deep." Myotismon thought as he took her to a guest room lighted with candles and centered with a velvet red bed.
He set Miyukio on top of the softness;she slowly fell asleep.

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