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Vandemon Daisuki

Torangemon's Palace of Feathers and Bats: This is my mini-shrine towards Angemon, Angewomon, and Devimon. There's not much to it, but it does have some Info that's serious and yet, somewhat humorous. I'll let anyone borrow the Information if they want.

Blue Eyes:A Myotismon Shrine

~Digimon Palace~

The Digimon Palace:A pretty good Digisite that's fresh on the web.^_^

Jax's Bishounen Dungeon

The banner explains alot...Very good site!

Lady Myotismon's page!

Digimon of Darkness a Lord Myotismon Shrine:
A great site dedicated to the best dark lord of the Digital monsters:Myotismon! Good site to go for more Myo! ^_<>

Heaven's Charm here!

Heaven's Charm:A excellent site for any heavenly Digifan, this "Palace in the sky" never gets boring, an active and well formatted page I must say.

Dejimon V:A cool japanese Digimon site with tons of kawaii fan pics, icons and other things! If your lucky, one of the pages has a cute Digimon gambling machine thats fun to play and win points with!

The digimon Museum: A "prodigious" site with tons of information on both series, toys, cards and classifications of Digimon!