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Humor ^0^;

Real-life Comparison
Post your comments on this month's comparison:
James m. AKA Spike compare with Myotismon


Things the dastardly Digimon Quartet and misc. wouldn't say!

Myotismon:ey, mate.I'm getting auditions to be Spike in the next series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Myotismon:I'm just a guy, and mon and a dude and I'm hungry!
Myotismon:I could be the next Milo on Airheads.
Myotismon:Angemon, you can be Chaz.
Myotismon:and Angewomon,you can play his naggy girlfriend.*slap*
Myotismon:DeMentos,the rot maker.
Myotismon:Ah, refreshing V8 Splash.
Myotismon:{Arukenimon and Mummymon complain about needing a third person to help them rid of the DD brats}{Myo imitates Eddy off of Ed,Edd and Eddy.}1+1 equals 1 on a bun!
Myotismon:I'll be your daddy, Quatre!
Myotismon:I'm da pimp master! I'm can charm a lady in less than 5 secs.

Angemon:(mentioning about the technological viser on Sylphimon's helmet}OOh cool, can you play VR on that thing?
Angemon:I'm not that serious am I?
Angemon:Maybe I can audition for another Andy Bogard.
Angemon:Or as Magna Angemon:Audition for Terry Bogard.
Angemon:Or Allen from Escaflowne.
Angemon:Or Sephiroth.
Angemon:Or Angewomon...
Angemon:{pinky in side of mouth like Dr.Evil}Try to stop me Myotis Powers!
Angewomon:Why does everyone wear gloves? Taichi wears gloves, Sora does,Matt,Izzy,Hikari{02},Davis,Yolie. How come I only have one?
Angemon:I should join the Navy.

Angewomon:OOPS, I did it again!
Angewomon:I'm Auditoning for Buffy, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Emerald, Angemon, Princess Allura, Princess Romelle...
Angewomon:...Britney Spears...
Angewomon:I know! I'll be Christina Aguilara!
Angewomon:Tea time!
Angewomon:{imitating Miss Congeniality}You like me, you like my body, you want to kiss me...You want to hug me...
Angewomon:Myotismon, you're kinda cute.
Angewomon:{To Ladydevimon}Can't we all jus' git along?
Angewomon:Angemon, you're not that serious.

Myotismon:Quick Robin to the Batmonbile!
Myotismon:I'm Bad, I'm Bad, you know it!
Myotismon:What's a ...paintball gun?
Myotismon:I'll make fun of your hair and say mean things about your friends! Hahaha!
Myotismon:First I'll dominate jello factories, then the world, Bwaha!
Myotismon:Myoyoyoyo! Myoyoyoyoyo! Aww...forget it..
Myotismon:Ohoho! and avay ve go! Three Mon on a dead Tai's chest!
Myotismon:Grisly wing! *Tai jumps up in the air and the bats get trapped in his hair* Come'er kid...need a haircut?

Angemon:Aren't I just adowable!
Angemon: Oh, shoot my wings are wet...ooh a heat mechanism...*Poof*..waah!
Angemon:*In front of mirror* I'LL STOP YOU! WILL stop YOU!...nyah...I'm gonna stop ya!...nope...
Angemon:I am not a flying porkchop!
Angemon:*to mirror* You are so me...Yesseree!
Angemon:I'm cuddly and fluffy and...pretty too!
Angemon:{In back of older T.K. and Kari}Do a wittle dance...make a wittle love...get down tonight!
Angemon:heeyy...i'm not a hamster!

Angewomon:Am I wearing enough,Angemon?
Angewomon:What's a Martini?
Angewomon:I'm not blond!
Angewomon:Where did the three bears go?
Angewomon:Angemon,you look like a womon...
Angewomon:Mwahaha! You fools! I'm not Angewomon, I'm evilblondmon, the indestructable cinderella! Mwaha!
Angewomon:*Angemon makes snide coments about blonds* Can I see your staff for a moment?
Angewomon:Meow! *Angemon says,"Awe!" and pets her hair* *Scratch*

Devimon:I love you,You love me!
Devimon:*Plays game with Myotismon, Angewomon and Angemon*
Duck,Duck...Hamster! *whack*
Devimon:Bad boys,Bad boys...what'cha gonna do..
Devimon:Be devi's friend! Be devi's friend!
Devimon:Nice day for a walk in the park Tai?
Devimon:I'm sailor devimon...I'll wrong rights and punish good...and that means you!
Devimon:What is that? Maybe it can help me destroy the digidestined..*Pokes green Jello*
Devimon:Awe...Did I give Angemon a boo boo?