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About Myotismon

All da evil ppl's,let's hear it for Myo!

Meaning: Bat monster{Vampire Demon Monster}
Type:Ghost digimon
Class:Virus or Data
Digievolves from: Wizardmon{viral}
Digievolves to: VenomMyotismon
Attacks:Crimson Lightning,Grisly Wings,Nightmare Claw
Myotismon's past is unverified within the series of digimon, but, his stay as an ultimate for years before the digidestined arrived has built up his incredible fighting tactics and skills. The darkness that had been seeping into his mind and heart from abandonement of friends as an In-training to Rookie turned him away from being a calm and quiet understandable digimon to an evil mon with vengeance for his suffering.He decided to train himself until he got to a high enough level to start his reign of terror. He thought that by gaining control over the digital world and human world he would become king over all,and finally become respected and never alone again. No one would ever abandone or be punished ever again. When he finally digievolved from Wizardmon to Myotismon, he started to gather some evil minions to help him conquer the digiworld. One, he had come upon one day, while searching. He had found a lonely Salamon wondering helplessly in the forest.So he had decided to train her and convince her she was evil. Everytime she would look at him with a sad, yet betrayful look in her eyes he would punish her until she became tough and evil, which led her to digievolve into Gatomon.Upon learning of the digidestined and an eight child with the Crest of light from a digimon he didn't really favor,Piedmon, he sent out one of his evil minions,Demidevimon to distract the seven kids after the defeat of Etemon and the loss of Taichi. He went on a search himself using a tag to find the crest power of light.
As the digidestined learned about the eight child, Myotismon decide to attack them himself and go to the Human world to cause destruction.

Myotismon found out the secret to Digimon Key cards which could open the gate between the Digital world and real world.He got through the gate, but a time period later the Digidestined managed to get through and start their own search for the eight child as well as defeat Myotismon.
After Wizardmon{good} one of Myotismon's accomplices finds the digivice for the Eighth child, he goes to explain to Gatomon and Kari, Tai's sister, that they are the digidestined that have been searched for. After battling Wizardmon when he tries to stael the crest, Myotismon learns about gatomon being a digidestined and takes her to a huge building where large amounts of kids are being kept so Gatomon can identify the child. In a battle with some of Phantomon's helpers, Kari tells him that she is the eight child and Phantomon takes her to Myotismon. The digidestined go to the building where they fing Kari and Gatomon.Wizardmon gives the crest to kari and is destroyed by Myotismon. Gatomon digievolves to Angewomon. The other digimon join in and send their powers to angewomon, who forms them in her Heaven's Charm attck. She puts the energy into her Celestial Arrow and shoots it at Myotismon, which goes through his body and disentigrates his body and energy.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide


Myotismon was verified as a vampire in "Gatomon comes callin'" when the opening scene for the episode showed him feeding on the blood of a young woman in the foggy night darkness. Reports on the news spread rapidly about countless amounts of young women being strucken suddenly by anemia.