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Vandemon Daisuki
About me! Torangemon{Miyu}

My Name

Type:Evil PPL
Topic:Japanese language,Arts and humanities
Favorite things to do:Draw Anime,Read Comics,Watch Anime and Gothic/Scifi shows,Play video games{PS da best!},Playing challenging athletics,swimming,studying astrological things and crystals,playing with animals, and creating CG things.

favorite Anime:

I love monster anime including:Digimon,Poke'mon,Monster Rancher,Card Captors,Flint the Time Detective,Dark Stalkers,and Vampire hunter D.Comedy Anime:Ranma 1/2,Urusei Yatsura,Project Ako, Tenchi Muyo and Dragon ball{Z}{GT}.
Sentai{Mecha}Anime:Gundam Wing,Ronin Warriors,Robotech,and Voltron.

My pic

I know it's terrible...that's because my dad took it right after I turned around in a chair at the office computer.I look like a vampire tom-boy in this pic.My hair was just cut and I looked liked a burnett Gohan.If I ever get any better pics I'll put them up here.This one is the only one I had on the hard drive for now.blah.

just remember to never be deceived by photographs...they never capture the real you.-_- I look dopey...even I laughed at the pic...haha!*O*

Me as a digidestined:Just to let you know,I'm playing as a guy named Yoruko,a cousin to Yamato and my digimon is Myotismon in a mailing list of mine called "DigimonPsychoworld".I made a rookie form for Myo.I also play the mischevious Aonyamon, who is also Torangemon at her champion form.You can see her many forms in a fanart I did in the fanart sect.Also I have the link to my list, since it seems no one could ever get to it in E-groups.