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Myotismon poems

Myotismon Poems: I'll be glad to accept anyone's submissions to the poem archive! The three poems are by me, the first isn't necessarily a Myo poem, it's based on Angemon, but, can be applied to Myotismon.


{As in a "Shuta"{song} form poem.}

"As I sit and watch the suns go by,

A destination made and again we fly.

Never forgetting how we met the first time..."

"Despair we forced back and many once more,

Having lost hope and gaining back times four.

Blood may have soaked up our tears, at least we were together..."

"Ai no Deji-Deji-Deji-Deji-Deji-Dejimon...Enjemon no Daisuke!"

"Ai wa Enje-Enje-Enje-Enje-Enje-Enjemon....Ai wa Dejimon!"

"Raining nights when our tears beat the waters down,

My wings will warm a smile into that lonely frown.

Shattered crystal our hearts become no more..."

"Devastation broken for the past now dies,

Cries of the lost friends seep through our own eyes.

May we know or not when time of evil was born good..."

"Ai no Deji-Deji-Deji-Deji-Deji-Dejimon...Enjemon no Daisuke!"

"Ai wa Enje-Enje-Enje-Enje-Enje-Enjemon....Ai wa Dejimon!"

"Hidden my heart and emotions show,

But you are the one who understands and will know.

Time will tell how long we, together, will go...

"Your eyes shine at me when I'm the lonely mon.

They seem to say "Don't worry 'cause I here from Dusk till Dawn."

Ode of a Vampire - By Lady Myotismon

I am a creature of darkness, cursed to live by night and sleep by day.

I am not proud for what I do but it is necessary for my survival.

I prey on innocent maidens since their blood is so pure.

Some call me a Demon, some a Devil, but truth is I am a Vampire.

I am cursed to remain this way until someone sets my soul free.

Until then, beware of the fog for that is where I lurk.

A woman has entered my territory and looks into my eyes.

With a swoosh of my cape I cover my prey and sink my fangs into her beautiful neck.

I flee the area when someone heads my way. It is the Paramedics; they do their best to save the beautiful young woman I had to prey upon.

I am not proud of what I do but must since my own existence depends on it.

I know she is out there; one of the women will set me free.

Until that day arrives I do what I must. I am a Vampire, the walking dead; I take pride knowing that I am noble.

What's this I am crying? A stray tear goes down me cheek as I watch the young woman be taken away to the Hospital.

My hunt is over for now since I am searching for the eighth Digidestined.

Digidestined beware since I am MYOTISMON the Lord of Darkness!


Myotismon's Secret - By Lady Myotismon

I have a secret that haunts me every time I look into her eyes.

Her eyes trigger painful memories in myself that I wish not to be triggered.

I use my Crimson Lightning to discipline her whenever she looks at me with those eyes that bother me so much.

Why does she bother me so?

I resent the way I treat her yet she is so strong willed. She glares at me with hatred as my message sinks in.

Gatomon, you are my loyalist servant. I do not want to hurt you but your eyes remind me of my own past.

Gatomon finally understands me when she becomes Angewomon.

The Celestial Arrow pierces my heart; setting me free to the being I used to be.

Thank you Angewomon for helping me, remember who I would have been, had the Evil Black Gear not changed me

Digidestined - By Lady Myotismon

I am back in the Human realm as Venom Myotismon. My hunger is worse since this is my Mega Ultimate form.

I laugh evilly as the Digidestined attempt to stop me. My laughter turns to fear when I sense that my death is near.

WarGreymon ends my miserable life for me.

What's this? I am back in the Digital World as my true self. I was evil but now I am good. Even the darkest of beings can have some good in them.

I am the goodness that lives in the night. I swear to do things right. My evil days are at an end even though my name is myotismon!

Kindred Spirit - By Lady Myotismon

I am walking down an alley in the late night, when a carriage mysteriously appears in the fog that seems so unnatural. I am nervous but do not show it.

The carriage open and a tall figure dressed in navy blue and black emerge from it. I tremble in fear but relax when the stranger looked into my eyes. Those eyes are warm and relaxing to me until I feel the stranger sink his fangs into me. Then all I feel is darkness.

I awaken in the Hospital feeling very weak. Sudden anaemia is what the Doctor told me I had. I am not paying attention though because I am thinking of him Myotismon.

Myotismon's Top Ten Dislikes - By Lady Myotismon

10. Demi Devimon
9. Traitors
8. Light
7. Hope
6. Failure
5. Gatomon's Eyes
4. Love
3. Angewomon
2. The Eighth Child
1. Digidestined

Myotismon's Top Ten Likes - By Lady Myotismon

10. Conquest
9. Tormenting the weak.
8. Fog
7. Himself
6. Darkness
5. Fear
4. Torture
3. Crimson Lightning and his other attacks.
2. Bats
1. Blood with a dash of fear in it.

The Stalker - By Lady Myotismon

I wander the streets at night searching for the eighth Digidestined Child. I fear this Child since it would lead to my downfall.

I stop my search momentarily for a Midnight snack. There is nothing as refreshing as Human blood with a dash of fear in it.

As I head back to my carriage I halt dead in my tracks because I can sense someone that is searching for me.

Now this is a change, the hunter has become the hunted. I turn around boldly to face my opponent.

I have a sense of De JA vu wondering where I have seen her before. I shudder for the first time because I remember her Emerald eyes.

"Myotismon, remember me? I am the ninth Digidestined, Kimberly."

Myotismon trembles and falls on his knees.

How is it possible that I Lord Myotismon have a youth to defend?

Kimberly smiles at me and she shows me Digivice and Crest. They represent Darkness that balances with Light. (Balance Symbol)

I scoop Kimberly into my arms and for the first time ever I weep. The cruelness and loneliness I suffered all those years melts away. Kimberly gives me a hug and whispers, "Myotismon, you'll be alright.

I hung my head in shame when I realised that Gatomon had the very same eyes Kimberly had. Gatomon, I hope you will forgive me, for I am not the Digimon I used to be

For the time being I am content to be with my Child of Destiny, my Kimberly.

Chamber of the past

Shadow embraced,the vampire's in the midsts...

Darkness collapsed over dusk shall not hide...

Bewildered excitement the moon has not missed-

Wings of destiny-light consumed by the night

So further more I wilt up inside by the fight

Enclosed by the cold, I wait to be set free...

Locked away by my own fate

Destiny calls, I still await

My freedom celled by past

Memories don't always last...

Who am I? Do I really have a purpose?

Chained by obsession of bloodyness

Is the Angel my hope?...

Hope has died away from my heart..

The darkness has set the light apart

Stone and black crystal my heart has become...

Past says that once all was good

But the lonliness has turned my mood

Depression set the vampire to bitterness..

Dear Angel, are you here to set me free of my guilt?

A vampire's trust cannot alone be built

someday I will find my way and find who I really am...

Cherry Blossom

{this one is about one of Myo's happy memories in his rookie stage.}

Cherry blossoms at my feet, the moon shining illuminous beauty,

so small, so alone, but the Cheery blossoms blanketed me in a pink sea.

I suppose the only ones who were there to comfort me was the moon and the cherry blossom tree.

So cold, so lonely, nights I would glance upward and see the shining petals fall like feathers and snow crystals,

Like fallen hearts they came upon my head, softly touching as of clouds, beautiful as the next, each one falls.

That seemed to be the only thing I could hide with or admire was the beautiful likes of that Cherry Blossom.

It was a favorite spot to lay in seeking the light of the Moon, and to that my liking of the night's beauty came to me very soon


Silent rejection
Once dark, always be
Drifting in an eternal sea
Why me?
Another time . . .
Taken a sign,
Falling to the end?

By Myotismon Freak


Mournful melody,
Floating over darker sea . . .
A sea of lonliness?
A changed mood of bitterness
Cringing from an ever-present fear
Trying to keep the Light from drawing near?
Sung silently
Find it inside
No longer to hide
And with the falling of Night
Is played . . .
A haunting melody, drifting on the breeze.

By Myotismon Freak