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Feathers and bats of Torangemon
Devimon Profile


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Devimon Profile

Type:Fallen Angel(Devil}
Weapons: none
Armor:none{emm..he wears that evil mask of his}
Eye color: Olive yellow/green{Red when he has the mask}
Hair color: Silver
I.Q.:Refer back to Angemon's IQ
Speech:Jus' plain eeevvvillll.
Personality:Let's just say he's like Demidevimon with a bad attitude and better IQ.
Digievolves from:Demidevimon, Animal type:Bat-thing{hey! It's baaat-Fink!}
History:Not much is known about Devimon.He tried to destroy the digidestined by making other digimon attack them infected with evil black gears that went into their backs. He was destroyed or actually his energy ran out of him by Angemon.He returned to a weak state of Demidevimon and started working for Etemon. After Etemon was deleted or sucked up into a warp hole,Demidevimon worked for Myotismon until he digievolved into venomMyotismon. Then, VenomMyotismon had Demidevimon for lunch by sucking him up.
Cuteness rating:Hmm..he's in the 70's only when he has his devil mask off.
Favorite food:Donuts,Yakitori and Candy.
Least favorite foods:Things that look odd to him{jello}.
Characteristics about personality:Evil,greedy,mischevious,sneeky,pranksterish,evil,big-mouthed,evil and evil!
Worse at:Pop Quizes,charming women, common sense,vocabulary.
Angel type:Fallen {"D"evil is for devious}