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Feathers and bats of Torangemon
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Angewomon's Profile
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Height:5.9 ft
Weapons:Her winged glove becomes a bow for her Holy{celestial} arrow attack.
Armor:Vise/Helmet,winged glove that has 3 gems on it.{I'm not considering the gold wing thing that covers unnecessary parts.}
Eye color: Sapphire
Hair color: Blond{heh heh}
I.Q.:I'd say the legendary intelligent blond! Smarter than Angemon,Devimon and Myotismon combined.{Combining those three half too serious clowns would make who knows what.}
Speech:Rarely speaks like Angemon, is a little more spicy in her talking.{Especially when catfighting.}
Personality:She's serious when she needs to be, but sometimes has a bit of a Gatomon attitude, very noticeble and arrogant when cat fighting another girl digimon of her type.She doesn't take care of Kari as much as Angemon, but she's always there to light the path of darkness.
Digievolves from:Gatomon, Animal type:Cat{meow=^_^=} History:Digiegg was accidently dropped by Gennai and was left alone to hatch as Snowbotamon. Her Nyaromon form had a feeling so great to search for someone and wait, but she didn't know what it was. After a long time of waiting Nyaromon digievolved to Salamon, and wandered around until Myotismon convinced her she was evil, and Salamon became part of his army. Everytime she looked at Myotismon with her eyes in such a way he gave her a crimson lightning until she digievolved to Gatomon and became a rough, wild cat. After Wizardmon revealed that Gatomon was the Digimon of Kari the 8th digidestined.Gatomon rebeled against Myotismon and digievolved to Angewomon when Kari got the crest of light. Angewomon then pierced Myo's heart with a Holy arrow filled with the Digimons'attacks destroying him. But when he became VenomMyotismon,she helped Angemon fufill the prophecy, and make Agumon and Gabumon go Mega. She also had a wild Cat Fight with LadyDevimon when the digidestined were to reach Piedmon.
Cuteness rating:I guess she'd be high on a pretty level for the guys.
Favorite food:Seafood,anything with Milk or Cream and pastries.
Least favorite foods:Those dissatisfying vegies.
Characteristics about personality:Caring, Spicy, Seriousness, Friendly, Smart, active, nosy.
Worse at:Negotiating with the not-so-negotiable,Keeping her attitude on a low level.
Angel type:Cherub, I think.

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