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Feathers and bats of Torangemon
Angemon's Profile


Angemon's Profile
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Weapons: Gold Staff
Armor:Metal Vise/Helmet, metal shoulder pad
Eye color: Sapphire
Hair color: Gold red
I.Q.:Hmm...depends on what he's out for.
{Donuts:IQ of 40% Fight:100% or better}
Speech:Not too advanced, doesn't use combine words like "Don't", he says Do not.
Personality:Sometimes a little on the Serious side, he shows great care and concern for Takeru and is the sparring partner of Angewomon.
Digievolves from:Patamon, Animal type:Hamster{believe me...check out Anime hamsters and their colors.^_^;}
History:Digiegg and others rescued by young Gennai when attacked by Piedmon. His Poyomon form digievolved to Tokomon when awaited his chosen Digidestined kid, Takeru. When fighting Kuwagemon, he digievolved to Patamon. At the fight with Devimon, Patamon finally Digievolves to Angemon and defeats Devimon. Angemon has also helped Angewomon in defeating Myotismon and VenomMyotismon. When the digidestined went to fight the 4th Dark Master Piedmon, Takeru beleived in his hope and Angemon Digievolved to MagnaAngemon and sent Piedmon to elsewhere.
Cuteness rating:Very 90 in Bishonen level.
Favorite food: Japanese Noodles, Shrimp and Marshmallows.{Yes, even all of those mixed up.}
Least favorite foods:Mushrooms,greens, and starchy foods.
Characteristics about personality:Caring, Bravery, Seriousness, Friendly, Shy, Stubborn, Clueless.
Worse at: Dating{How exactly do you please Angewomon?},trying to read newspapers, hot food, Angewomon's attitude...
Angel type:Seraph{Three wings}

Anyone have more they vant to add?