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Feathers and bats of Torangemon
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Konichi wa! Step in to my Palace!

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Hajimemishite? Welcome to my heavenly and not-so heavenly dark palace. Hai,this isn't just an Angemon and Angewomon's also a home to da best duo of baddies:Myotismon and Devimon.I would add LadyDevimon...but she lasted only a day...nya. I figure these four humanoid-like Digimon would make a nice Quartet, for sparring or just goofing around. Besides...I like all of em'!


Angewomon is guarding the guestbook, so no Etemon business, or clowning around like Piedmon!

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Yay! I can finally get this site up! I've added my original page of Myo to the Shrine of Feathers and Bats.

Wowies! The debate about Angemon's Mega form is finally over! Heh,heh,I should of known he would be an Archangel type. In the third Digimon movie: The Gold Digimentals, Angemon and Angewomon will go to their Mega stage...Seraphimon{ArchAngemon} and Magnadramon{Holydramon}. Basically I would consider humanoid digimon{The Digimon Quartet} to have a Mega beast level, rather than warrior or another monster.
These humanoid Digimon would be reffered as Meta evolution Digimon, because of their Mega forms. Myotismon's form, VenomMyotismon was surely a Meta Power evolution, I'm not too sure about Devimon, but he falls in the level of Angemon, which could be a Dramon. The reason for Myotismon's mega to not be a Meta power Dra is the fact of his equivilency with the other humanoids. He's not a angel type digimon like the fallen angel, Devimon or Ladydevimon.{Even though Ladydevimon has a Myo attack called Darkness Wave.}

A song dedicated to the angels