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I donít own digimon it belongs to Toei-animation etc but I do own Cat and her digiís please ask before using her or her digiís.

Beginning of A New Life (Trial and Tribulation)

Mastermon transported Myotismon and Cat to his illusion world, which was made up of Catís and Myotismonís fears. By blocking their fears they escaped but Mastermon used their DNA to escape the illusion. His evil made Myotismon digivolve to Venommyotismon. When getting beaten by Catmon Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, Mastermon used his evil to transport into Venommyotismon making him stronger. Then he picked Cat up and almost killed her but luckily the others Warp-digivolved to their Mega forms defeating Venommyotismon. When Mastermon was gone Myotismon was back to his human self. After apologizing to the children they went to Gennai. He also accepted Myotismon now named Jules apology but stated the digimon council may not so he would have to go on trial. Now the story continues.

Chapter 1
"But you canít put him on trial he hadnít any control of what he did when he was Myotismon," protested Cat.
"No heís right I have to answer for my crimes," answered Jules.
"But.." gasped Cat.
"No buts what has to happen must its fate," replied Jules. "Gennai where shall I go?"
"Follow me all of you, you will have to give evidence," said Gennai.
"I canít!" answered Cat. "Heís my dad."
"You have to," replied Jules "Itís the way it is."
"Oh well i.." stutted Cat.
"Do it!" exclaimed Jules.
"Ok but it doesnít mean that I have to like it," replied Cat.
They all followed Gennai until they came to a tall white building with a pair of scales on its roof.
"Look at the scales itís my Crest symbol of Justice," exclaimed Cat.
"Yeah you are right Cat," answered Gennai. "If Justice is done today your Crest will show it."
The group entered the court and two Bakemon immediately seized Jules. He was taken to a cell in the courtroom as the others went and sat down.
"I hearby call this court into hearing the matter of the day is the trial of Myotismon aka Jules," called a deep voice.
The lights went on and in the head seat was Gennai. To his left was Leomon and to his right was Centarumon.
"We call Jules to the stand," said Leomon
Jules was taken from the cell and took to one of two witness stands.
"In the name of Justice to you promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" asked Centarumon.
"I promise," answered Jules.
"We are ready to start then," stated Gennai. "Myotismon you are charged with many crimes against the Digital and Human worlds in the bases of this we are here today to either find you guilty or innocent of these crimes."
"With all due respect Gennai I am no longer Myotismon but Jules so would the court recognize this?" said Jules.
"We the court recognize this and will change," answered Leomon.
"So first crime is in the Digital World where you first became Myotismon from your human self, so I also now at this point call Cat to the stand," called Gennai.
Cat reluctantly got up and went to the other stand.
"In the name of Justice to you promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" asked Centarumon.
"I promise," replied Cat.
"Can you recall when you first came to the Digital World with your father?" asked Gennai.
"Yes I can this is what happened," answered Cat
"Me and my father were caught in some kind of electrical storm and the next thing we knew we were here in the Digital World, except my dad Jules absorbed a lot of radiation from the rift he then changed into Myotismon and was about to kill me when Gennai saved me. I then got my digiegg and went in search for my digivice.
"What happened after that?" asked Leomon.
"Hmm let me think a moment," said Cat. There was a pause then she continued.
"Whilst I was walking on File Island a digimon called Demidevimon, a servant of Myotismon attack me with his Demidart. I was saved by Elecmon," replied Cat. "And after that my digiegg hatched and out came Pukamon, she then digivolved to Harmonymon, I left Primary Village and found a hut with another servant of Myotismon Witchmon, we asked her for help and we found out that she called for Myotismon, Harmonymon digivolved into Lightmon, we also found Witchmon had the Tag ready for my Crests by the time Myotismon came we had gone."
"Did Myotismon come after you?" asked Leomon.
"Yes we went into the forest and hid in a tree he came past he nearly got us but he missed where we were hiding," replied Cat. "We carried on a while and lit a fire to keep warm but I was still a bit ill from the Demidart Lightmon kept me warm."
"We woke up next morning to find some food and a blanket that had been left for us, we carried on our journey and found some Litamon being worked by Hedgemon another servant to Myotismon, we beat him but had to hurry to the temple where Centarumon was. I got my digivice but Myotismon came so me and Lightmon ran for it. He sent two digimon after us Tuskmon and Snimon. Lightmon digivolved and beat them. I then found a Crest. We hid until morning and then we went back to the Temple and carried on," she continued.
"The court will take a break for a drink and a bite to eat and will return in half an hour at 10.30," said Gennai.
The children and the digimon left the room as Jules was taken back to the cell in the room.
Outside the courtroom Cat cried into Mattís shoulder.
"Hey itís ok Cat!" soothed Matt.
"Yeah Cat come on youíre stronger than this," said Lightmon. "After all weíve been through you never broke down like this so why should it change?"
Cat looked at Lightmon and smiled.
"Youíre right Lightmon I have to keep strong after all I probably wonít be the only one taking the stand we all have to be strong together and Iíve got to set that example," answered Cat.
"Thatís my girl answered Sora. "Come on Iím thirsty."
They all had a drink and then went back into the courtroom and Cat was recalled into the witness stand, as was Jules into the other.

Chapter 2
"We finished with you leaving the temple so what happened next?" asked Leomon.
"Me and Lightmon were eating when we heard Bakemon, Lightmon digivolved and defeated them I then got my next crest," replied Cat. "After that Gennai told us we needed to come to Server where the other Crests were whilst on the water on a raft a storm brew up it was not a normal storm it was intense. Whamon saved me and we eventually got to Server. I found a third Crest. A while later we were attacked by Gazimon, Lightmon beat them. We then went to the Desert of Server. We went to the Oasis and stayed there but Myotismon found us. Peacemon tried to battle him but she
was captured I ran but I too was captured and knocked into unconsciousness. We were rescued by Piximon. He then trained us and we found more crests. Later on Myotismon found Piximonís home and we battled Peacemon digivolved to Ultimate. We went further into the desert and found two more crests. We carried on and then met you Leomon. You took us to a village with 7 in-training digimon in it. I now know it was
the Digidestineds digimon except for Gatomon. We found more Crests and then we
were told that we had to go to Myotismonís castle to get the last crests. When we got there he was waiting for us. He attacked Lightmon and then started drinking my blood.
Piximon, Centarumon, Leomon, some Litamon and Elecmon. They helped me get to the vault to get the last Crests. We battled Myotismon one more time but he was saved by a Devidramon and Gatomon when she was under his control. I was transported back
home by the power of the Crests.
"Is that all?" asked Centarumon
"For now," answered Cat.
"Very well go and sit down," he replied.
Cat went and sat.
"Jules can you tell us what happened next?" asked Gennai.
"Yes," he replied. "After I was saved by Gatomon and after Cat and Lightmon left I spent time in my castle recuperating. Then when I found out of the new digidestined of Tai and the others. I sent Demidevimon to stall them finding each other after they split up when Tai was transported home. The found each other and I went to stop them. I also found out there was an eight child so I set out to the real world to destroy her. Me and my forces went to earth to find her. I had to drink human blood to feed. I made copies of
Tag and Crest and gave them to my forces. I took the entire section of Odibah prisoner so that I could get the eight child. I found out Gatomon was the eight digimon. When Kari gave herself up I was about to destroy her when the digidestined came to save her.
Wizardmon sacrificed himself to save Kari and Gatomon. Then using the digivice Gatomon digivolved to Angewomon and destroyed me. Using energy I came back as Venommyotismon. I attacked the children again but they defeated me. I was sent back to Primary Village and became a digiegg again. I hatched and returned to my Myotismon state. I then started to go after the digidestineds digimon.
"Is that all?" Centarumon asked.
"For now," he answered.
"Right then I call Cat and Lightmon to the stand," said Gennai.
Cat and Lightmon stood before the court.
"Will you tell us what happened next?" asked Leomon
"Iíll try," answered Cat. "I received a message from Gennai saying that I was needed, it was then I met the other digidestined. Myotismon had captured their digimon.
"I was sat in a tree when I saw the digimon fighting Myotismon I went t help but he was too powerful," said Lightmon. "The others told me to run I wanted to stay but they made me I watched as he overcame them and took them away."
"We all set out to help the digimon but Myotismon came, he defeated Spiritpeacemon and took her back to his castle," continued Cat. "We went to get the digimon back but when we got to his castle I offered myself to save the digimonís lives. He agreed as I told the others to leave they did and he was about to kill me when they came back. They digivolved but were getting beat. They dedigivolved, but Agumon and Gabumon warp-digivolved to their mega forms. They got beat but with everyoneís emotions Lightmon warp-digivolved to Catmon. She almost beat him but he flew off. We all returned home but soon we were called back.
"That will be enough for now Cat we will have a lunch break and then return," said Centarumon.
The group left the room. Cat sank into a chair in the corridor.
"You ok Cat?" asked Sora.
"Iíll be fine when this is finished," she replied. "Iím exhausted."
Gennai came from around the corner.
"Gennai how much longer is this going to be?" asked Cat.
"Well you have to continue and then we are calling Gatomon to the stand," he replied.
"Me but why?" Gatomon asked.
"Because your name came up a lot in the court and you worked for Myotismon," he answered.
Later the children went back into the Courtroom and continued the trial.

Chapter 3
"The next time we were in the Digital World we found out that there was a prophecy," said Cat. "When the clock strikes 6pm on the 6th day of the 6th month the self proclaimed digimon king will transform back but he will suffer before he does. While we were going to Myotismonís castle something took control of me. I found myself in a place with Myotismon. We saw another digimon called Mastermon he tried to get Myotismon to destroy me but he wouldnít. We returned back to our self-consciousness after realizing that it was an illusion made of our fears we escaped. But when we reached Myotismonís castle. Mastermon escaped the illusion by using mine and Myotismonís DNA. His evil made Myotismon warp-digivolve to Venommyotismon. When he was getting beat Mastermon transported himself into Venommyotismon. Then the digimon warp-digivolved to their mega forms and beat him. But then there was no longer Myotismon but Jules my dad."
"Right that is fine you may go and sit down," said Gennai.
"I call Gatomon to the stand," called Leomon.
Gatomon got up and went to the stand.
"In the name of Justice to you promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" asked Centarumon.
"Yes I do," answered Gatomon.
"Gatomon will you tell us from how you met Myotismon?" asked Gennai.
"Ok," she replied. "I was a Salamon when I was walking through the forest looking for who I belonged Kari. Whilst walking a black shadow appeared with bats around him. It was Myotismon. He flew towards me and I backed off. He spoke to me telling me that I had to go with him. I tried to run away but his bats stopped me by blocking my way. He came up from behind and gabbed me. I wriggled free but he hit me with his Crimson Lightning. I fell unconscious, the next thing I knew was in his castle. I stood up and I heard his voice. He ordered me to follow him but I wouldnít. He hit me with his Crimson Lightning. I looked at him with my eyes narrowed and he warned me that everytime I looked at him with those eyes heíd have to hurt me.
"What happened next?" asked Leomon.
"I remember that I went out one night with some food and a blanket to find the chosen child and her digimon," replied Gatomon. "I left the food and blanket with them and went back to the castle. I was ordered to Myotismon in his crypt where he tortured me. I still have one of the scars today on my left paw. Later on he tortured me again. I was sent to spy for him which I did. I decided to start some training. When I was training with Nanimon I digivolved to Gatomon. I then saved Myotismon from Cat. We next went to the human world where I was reminded by Kariís digivice and Wizardmonís help of my true identity the 8th digimon. I went to find her Crest with Wizardmon but we were caught by Myotismon. He took me hostage and threw Wizardmon into the water. He took the children of Odibah hostage so I could identify Kari but she was safe until she gave herself up to save the others. Then the other digidestined arrived to save her. Wizardmon had been saved and took a deathblow meant for me and Kari. I digivolved and defeated him. Later on we discovered he had warp-digivolved to Venommyotismon. Agumon and Gabumon eventually warp-digivolved to there Mega forms and defeated him. Cat has already explained what happened next."
"The court will have a time out to make itís decision does the defendant have anything to say before we make our decision?" asked Centarumon.
"Yes I do," replied Jules. "I want to apologize for the things I have done in the past and I hope that the court can forgive me even though justice has to be done."
Tai and the group left the courtroom and went to grab a drink.
"What do you think they will do?" asked Cat
"I donít know to be honest," replied Gatomon. "He is changed he deserves a chance."
"We know that but will they think he has changed?" asked Tai
"Who know?" replied Matt. "Who knows?"
The hours ticked past until Gennai came around the corner.
"It is time," he said.

Chapter 4
"It is clear that you have been found guilty of the charges against you and we will now pass sentence," said Leomon. "You will be taken from this court and locked up in the tower block of your old castle for the rest of your life."
Cat looked in horror as this was said.
"No this isnít justice you said Gennai that if justice was done my crest would show it but it isnít glowing," answered Cat.
"She has a point," replied Matt.
"Yeah you said so Gennai," said Kari.
"He deserves another chance," said Gatomon
"So I did but what are we supposed to do let him go?" questioned Gennai
"Sounds good to me," replied Cat.
"Well if we do let him go he has to leave the Digital World forever," answered Gennai.
"Ok if thatís the deal Iíll take it," said Jules.
"Very well you must leave now," ordered Centarumon.
They all left the court and went to Gennaiís house. Cat opened the port with her digivice.
"Ok itís ready," replied Cat.
Jules walked through the port.
"Itís time we were going again," stated Sora.
"Yeah bye Agumon," shouted Tai.
"Bye Bye Palmon," cooed Mimi.
"See ya later Biyo," called Sora.
"Later Gabumon," said Matt.
"Give us a hug Gatomon," called Kari.
"Bye Patamon Iíll miss ya," Tk told Patamon.
"Bye Tentomon," shouted Izzy.
"See you around and remember if you need me Iím always there for you Lightmon," cried Cat. "See ya everyone."
"Bye," shouted the digimon.
The port shut behind Cat as the Cat began her life again with her father. He was banished from the Digital World but would her ever return?

The End