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I do not own digimon, it belongs to Saban and its related companies although I do own Cat and Lightmon and Lightmonís digivolutions. Please ask me before using Cat or her digimon.

A Beginning of A New Life (The Price of Freedom)

The 8 digidestined learn about Cat and now need her help to free their digimon from Myotismon who has risen from Primary Village. Itís up to the 9 of them to rescue them but one of them has to make a sacrifice but who? Will the digidestined be reunited with their digimon and what is this sacrifice?

"Cat this is Gennai please reply," called Gennai.
"Huh oh itís Gennai I wonder whatís up?" Cat thought. "This is Cat whatís up."
"Your services are required here in the Digital World," said Gennai.
"Oh yeah," answered Cat "How am I needed exactly."
"I havenít the time at the moment Iíll tell you when all of you are together," replied Gennai.
"All of us, whoís all of," said Cat but is cut off by Gennai.
"Later just come now!" he exclaimed.
"Ok whereís the portal?" asked Cat.
"Your computer put your digivice to it and hey presto youíll be here," he answered "See you soon."
"Ok then," she thought.
She went to her computer and put her digivice to it and she was transported to the Digital World.
"Man something has got to be done about that landing," she groaned as she bounced a few spaces on her bum.
"Cat over her," came a voice.
"Lightmon is that you?" answered Cat.
"Yes itís me," said the digimon coming into the light of day.
"Oh gosh what happened to you?" asked Cat.
"Come to Gennaiís and then all will be revealed," replied Lightmon.
Cat followed Lightmon to Gennaiís.
"Ok will someone tell me whatís going on oh..hi," said Cat.
"Everyone this is Cat that Iíve been telling you about," introduced Gennai.
"Hi Cat Iím Tk and this is Kari," said a small boy aged about 9 years old. He pointed to a girl of roughly the same age.
"Hi Iím Tai and this is Sora," said another boy who looked about 12 years old. He was pointing to a girl of the same age.
"Hi," she said.
"Iím Matt," said another boy of about 12 years old.
"Iím Mimi and this is Joe," said a girl of 11 and she was pointing to a boy aged roughly 13 years of age.
"Iím Izzy," said a boy of 11 years old. "And itís prodigious to meet you."
"Hi everyone as Gennai said Iím Cat my full names Catarina but I prefer to be called Cat," answered Cat. "This is my digimon Lightmon."
"Way past cool to meet ya all," answered Lightmon.
"So Gennai why have you called us all and what happened to you Lightmon?" asked Cat.
"Please sit and I will tell you all," answered Gennai.
Cat sits down next to the others and Gennai begins to tell them what the matter is.
"Myotismon has been reborn after Tai and the others defeated him on earth," said Gennai.
"I heard about it in England I was on holiday when he attacked Odibah my home town," stated Cat.
"However," continued Gennai "He has been reborn and is back to his Ultimate stage I bet all of you except Cat are wondering where your digimon are?"
"Yeah Gennai whatís the scope," questioned Matt
"Heís got them," replied Lightmon. "I was lucky to escape this is what happened." FLASHBACK TO EVENT
"Ah you foolish digimon without you human companions you canít digivolve," laughed Myotismon.
"That maybe so but we can still fight," stated Agumon. "Pepper Breath."
"Yeah lets go guys," shouted Patamon. "Boom Bubble pha."
"Super Shocker," called Tentomon.
"Poison Ivy," said Palmon.
"Marchiní Fishes," called Gomamon.
"Blue Blaster," shouted Gabumon.
"Spiral Twister," called Biyomon.
"Lightning Paw," shouted Gatomon.
Myotismon just swipes the attacks away back at the digimon.
"Oh no theyíre in trouble I better help them," I cried.
I jumped down from the tree I was living in and went to help them.
"Lightmon you will pay for your interference where is Cat?" asked Myotismon.
"She was transported back to earth when we defeated you for the first time," I growled. "Lightning Bolt"
"You fool Crimson Lightning," called Myotismon.
It hit me and I fell injured he then called for his bats to destroy me. But the others used their attacks on the bats distracting them. They ordered me away I wanted to stay and help.
"Then what happened?" asked Tai.
"I watched from a tree as he took them all to his castle I donít know if theyíre alive or not," cried Lightmon. "Itís my fault."
"No it isnít Lightmon," soothed Cat. "You tried to help them but without me you couldnít digivolve so if itís anyoneís fault itís mine."
"Hey chill that one itís all of ours fault we should have been here for our digimon but we werenít," answered Matt.
"What a friend you are!" stated Cat.
"Hmmm thatís my trait as well," replied Matt.
"Your trait oh you mean your crest," answered Cat I had the Crest of Friendship a while ago but it went back into the Digital World when I left along with the Crest of Courage,"
said Cat
"Thatís my trait!" exclaimed Tai
"The Crest of Love and the Crest of Knowledge," said Cat
"The Love trait is mine and the Knowledge trait is Izzyís," stated Sora.
"The Crest of Sincerity and the Crest of Reliability," said Cat
"The Sincerity trait is mine and Reliability is Joeís," exclaimed Mimi.
"Then there was The Crest of Hope, The Crest of Light, The Crest of Kindness, The Crest of Miracles and the Crest of Fate," finished Cat.
"Hope is mine," giggled Tk
"The Light trait is mine," answered Kari.
"Then whose is the others then?" asked Tai.
"Dunno I guess that they could be there for someone else," suggested Cat
"Maybe but what are your traits and what are we going to do about our digimon?" asked Izzy.
"My Crests are Peace, Justice, Truth, Spirit and Enchantment," answered Cat
"Five Crests wow but you know you donít have to use the Crest to make your digimon digivolve," stated Izzy.
"I donít?" questioned Cat
"No you have the power in yourself to make Lightmon digivolve the Crests were just there to give yourself faith," replied Izzy.
"Way beyond cool," shouted Cat.
"Prodigious isnít it," answered Izzy.
"Now about the digimon," said Tai.
"Ok then any ideas?" asked Cat.
"I do," replied Lightmon.
"Shoot then," answered Tai.
"Since we hope that the digimon are still alive I am the only digimon to try and protect 9 of you so it is going to be difficult but we have to reach Myotismonís castle and find them quickly because I canít fight him on my own Iíd be overcome quickly," stated Lightmon.
"Weíll help you donít worry about that," said Tai.
"Yeah all for one and one for all," shouted Joe.
"Count me in," exclaimed Sora.
"Yeah me too," answered Matt.
"Kari and me too," said Tk.
"Prodigious," replied Izzy.
"Can we find my pink hat too?" asked Mimi.
"Mimi!" exclaimed the group.
"Oh alright!" she replied.
"Alright then lets do it to it," called Cat. "You ready Lightmon?"
"As Iíll ever be," she answered.
"Before you go youíd better eat," said Gennai. "Youíll need to be able to digivolve."
"Food yah," exclaimed Tai.
"Ok guys lets eat!" cried Lightmon.
"Oh brother," thought Cat. "How can I tell them that Myotismon is my father?"
"Is everyone ready?" asked Gennai.
"Yes," replied Tai.
"Letís go," said Cat.
They set off to Myotismonís castle little knowing that he now knew they were back.
"How did they return!" Myotismon growled.
"Itís Tai," said Agumon.
"Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe and Tk," carried on Gabumon.
"Kari!" exclaimed Gatomon. "Oh Kari."
"Whoís the other child with them?" asked Palmon.
"Thatís Cat the second generation of the digidestined your digidestined are the third generation," answered Myotismon. "Now itís time to get Lightmon and then the digidestined will be at my mercy in which I donít have any."
He left the room via the window to take Lightmon.
"Look up there itís Myotismon," cried Mimi.
"Lightmon are you ready?" asked Cat
"Yeah lets go," answered Lightmon
"Ok then digivolve," shouted Cat
"Lightmon digivolve to," called Lightmon
"Peacemon," said Peacemon.
"Wow look at that," gasped Izzy.
"Peacemon is a Champion digimon her attacks are Peace Charm and Peace Ball."
"Ok Peacemon lets do it," said Cat. "PEACE,"
"Peacemon digivolve to," called Peacemon.
"Spiritpeacemon," said the digimon.
"Iíll look at my analyzer for this," gasped Cat
"Spiritpeacemon is an Ultimate digimon her attacks are Spirit Claw and Spirit Whip attack"
"Way past cool ok Spiritpeacemon show him what weíre made of," called Cat.
"Hmm Spiritpeacemon they are desperate arenít they?" laughed Myotismon. "Nightmare Claw."
"Spiritpeacemon move it," called Tai.
She moves slickly aside and the attack misses her.
"Crimson Lightning," called Myotismon.
This time it hits her and she falls from the sky.
"Spiritpeacemon oh no," cried Cat.
She ran over to where she fell. She was hurt but not seriously.
"Come on you can do it!" encouraged Cat.
Spiritpeacemon got up she took back to the sky dodging Crimson Lightning as she flew higher.
"Spirit Claw," she called.
It his Myotismon but only phases him.
"This is bad," exclaimed Tk.
"Come on keep going Spiritpeacemon," called Kari. "Show him whoís the mon around here."
"Kari!" exclaimed Tai.
"What?" she asked
"Keep it going girl your getting a tude," he replied.
"Nightmare Claw," called Myotismon.
This time it hit her.
"Grisly Wing," he called.
"Oh no!" cried Cat.
The bats reached her and she dedigivolved to Lightmon.
Cat began to run towards Lightmon but was sent back by the bats.
Myotismon casually grabbed Lightmon and took her to his castle.
"Lightmon bring her back Myotismon now!" she ordered.
"Youíre in no situation to make orders are you daughter," he said.
"What did he just say?" asked Tai.
"I think he said Youíre in no situation to make orders are you daughter?" answered Izzy.
"Ok Cat what did he mean by daughter?" asked Tai challengingly. "Are you really working for him?"
"Iím not working for him but what he says is true," said Cat sadly. "We were transported to the Digital World and he absorbed a lot of interdimenaional radiation and he changed into Myotismon heís been wanting revenge since I defeated him the first time and now heís got Lightmon,"
"Weíll get her back and our digimon too," said Kari.
"You think so?" question Cat.
"Yeah I know so," answered Kari.
"Taiís right you have a tude," replied Cat.
"Lets go and get our digimon back," said Matt.
The group started heading towards Myotismon castle.
In Myotismonís castle he has chained Lightmon.
"I have all 9 of you and soon your human companions will be history," laughed Myotismon.
"Cat will come and so will the other digidestined," said Lightmon.
"Yeah right I doubt it she couldnít find her way out of a paper bag," scoffed Myotismon.
"We can actually," said 9 different voices.
"What how did you get in?" Myotismon asked.
"You really need some guards," replied Cat.
"Iíll make a memo on that one but now itís time for you all to see your digimon be deleted," laughed Myotismon. "NightmareÖ."
"No wait," said Cat.
"What is it?" asked Myotismon rather annoyed.
"Spare them it was me you really want let them go and Iíll give myself up," Cat sighed.
Myotismon smiled evilly and replied "Itís a deal."
He released the digimon and they ran to their digidestined companion.
"Lightmon go with the others thatís an order," ordered Cat.
"Weíre not leaving you Cat," said Tai.
"Yes you are the digimon are safe your job is done go now," she answered sharply.
"But what about you?" asked Kari.
"Leave me while you can," Cat replied.
The children and their digimon turned and went to the door they turned around and watched as Myotismon subdued her.
Cat hung her head in defeat. Lightmon looked at her for one last time and went sadly
with the others.
"Now you are mine!" he exclaimed.
"It appears so I donít have any regrets letting them go for me they are my friends," replied Cat.
"You soon will have regrets by the time Iím through with you," he said wickedly.
"I donít care now they are safe Iím ready to die," answered Cat.
"If that is you wish I will carry it out," said Myotismon.
"You arenít going to do anything to her!" exclaimed Matt.
"What! Matt," cried Cat.
"And the rest of us," said the others and their digimon.
"You donít think weíd just leave you here," exclaimed Tai.
"Oh you guys," answered Cat.
"You ready Agumon to digivolve?" asked Tai.
"You bet I am Tai," he answered.
"Agumon digivolve to," called Agumon.
"Greymon," said Greymon.
"Gabumon digivolve to," called Gabumon
"Garurumon," said Garurumon.
"Biyomon digivolve to," called Biyomon
"Bidramon," said Birdramon.
"Tentomon digivolve to," called Tentomon.
"Kabuterimon," said Kabuterimon.
"Palmon digivolve to," called Palmon
"Togemon," said Togemon
"Gomamon digivolve to," called Gomamon
"Ikkakumon," said Ikkakumon
"Patamon digivolve to," called Patamon.
"Angemon," said Angemon.
"Cat are you ok?" asked Lightmon
"What do you think," she replied.
"Right Iím digivolving," called Lightmon. "Lightmon digivolve to,"
"Peacemon," said Peacemon.
"Go and get him," shouted Tai.
The 9 digimon rushed at Myotismon but in their forms they couldnít defeat him.
"We need to digivolve again," suggested Gatomon.
"Ok then letís go," called Tai. "Courage."
"Greymon digivolve to," called Greymon
"Metalgreymon raaa," said Metalgreymon.
"Friendship," shouted Matt.
"Garurumon digivolve to," called Garurumon.
"Weregarurumon garuuuuuu," said Weregarurumon.
"Love," shouted Sora.
"Birdramon digivolve to," called Birdramon.
"Garudamon," she said.
"Knowledge," shouted Izzy.
"Kabuterimon digivolve to," called Kabuterimon.
"Megakabuterimon raaa," he said
"Sincerity," shouted Mimi.
"Togemon digivolve to," she called
"Lillymon," said Lillymon.
"Reliability," shouted Joe.
"Ikkakumon digivolve to," he called.
"Zudomon," said Zudomon.
"Hope," shouted Tk.
"Angemon digivolve to," he called.
"Magnaangemon," he said.
"Light," called Kari.
"Gatomon digivolve to," she called.
"Angewomon," said Angewomon.
"I hope I can do this," thought Cat "Ok itís your turn Peacemon, Peace."
"Peacemon digivolve to," she called
"Spiritpeacemon," she finished.
"Ok guys go and show him," called Cat.
"Weíll take Myotismon you go and get Cat," Metalgreymon told Spiritpeacemon.
Spiritpeacemon nodded as Metalgreymon and the others went to battle Myotismon.
"Spirit Claw," called Spiritpeacemon.
It broke Catís chains and she fell but was caught by Spiritpeacemon.
"Canít see you as pancakes," laughed Spiritpeacemon.
"So true go and help the others," answered Cat.
Cat ran after Spiritpeacemon, who joined the other digimon, Cat joined the other children.
"Howís it goiní?" asked Cat.
"Not good theyíre getting creamed," answered Tai.
"Even Angewomon canít get through this time she beat him last time but he just beat her," answered Kari.
"Oh no there goes Weregarurumon," cried Matt.
Weregarurumon dedigivolved back to Gabumon.
"Garudamon and Metalgreymon," called Sora and Tai.
Garudamon dedigivolved to Yokomon and Agumon.
"Man he took it out of you, you dedigivolved to your in-training mode," said Sora.
"Lillymon and Zudomon," cried Mimi and Joe.
They dedigivolved to their in-training modes of Tanemon and Bukamon.
Next to be taken down was Megakabuterimon. He dedigivolved to Motimon.
"Come on Angewomon," encourage Kari.
"You too Magnaangemon and Spiritpeacemon," called Tk and Cat.
Next to go were Angewomon and Magnaangemon.
They dedigivolved to Salamon and Tokomon.
"So are you ready to go Spiritpeacemon?" asked Myotismon.
"No Iím not," said Spiritpeacemon.
"Well youíd better get ready Nightmare Claw," called Myotismon.
It hit her and she fell to the ground. She dedigivolved to Lightmon.
"Oh great heís wiped us out," sighed Cat.
"Not yet are you ready to try Agumon?" asked Tai.
"Hmm," he answered.
"Gabumon what about you?" asked Matt.
"Sure thing Matt," replied Gabumon.
"Ok the lets try it," said Tai.
"Agumon Warp-digivolve to," called Agumon.
"Wargreymon," he said.
"Gabumon Warp-digivolve to," he called.
"Metalgarurumon," said Metalgarurumon.
"Oh wow Iím lookiní at these guys on my analyzer," gasped Cat.
"Wargreymon is a mega digimon his attack is Terror Force and Mega Claw"
"Metalgarurumon is also a mega digimon his attack is Metal Wolf Claw he freezes his enemies and then creams them"
"You defeated me as Venommyotismon but since then I canít digivolve to mega but I have the strength of a mega," laughed Myotismon.
"Terror Force," called Wargreymon.
"Metal Wolf Claw," called Metalgarurumon.
Myotismon easily dodged both attacks.
"Nightmare Claw," he said.
He directed his attack on Wargreymon making him dedigivolve to Koromon.
He then directed his attack on Metalgarurumon he then dedigivolved to Tsunomon.
"Oh now weíre out of ammo," gasped Tai.
"We canít give up," said Cat. "We have the power within us to defeat him we need to unlock that power."
"How?" asked Tai.
"We each have traits right so we use our traits to defeat him," replied Cat.
Lightmon gets up on her own.
"Iíll try," she said.
"Iím sorry but myself and the others are wiped out we havenít the strength," answered Koromon.
"Iíll still try," replied Lightmon.
"Ok then have courage," called Tai.
"When theyíre ready theyíll join you," shouted Matt.
"You have love in yourself," reminded Sora.
"You have the knowledge to beat him," said Izzy.
"Keep sincere," called Mimi.
"Youíre reliable," answered Joe.
"I hope you can beat him," encouraged Tk.
"You have it within you to cream him," called Kari.
"You can do it Lightmon," shouted Cat.
Suddenly the children started shining.
A orange beam came from Tai, Blue from Matt, Red from Sora, Purple from Izzy, Green from Mimi, Grey from Joe, Yellow from Tk, Light Pink from Kari and Dark Pink from Cat. All the beams went to Lightmon and she was engulfed in the light.
"Lightmon Warp-digivolve to," called Lightmon.
Lightmon digivolved to Peacemon, then to Spiritpeacemon and finally to a human looking digimon she looked like Cat in every shape, form and size where Lightmon once had.
"Who that?" asked Izzy.
"She looks like me," answered Cat.
"That is correct," said the digimon. "I am your feeling put together as one you created
me from your emotions, now only Cat can feel what I am feeling."
"Cool," said Tai. "Do it Cat and err."
"Catmon," answered the digimon. "My name is Catmon, my attacks are Destiny Fist and Freedom Gate."
"Wow shall we party Catmon?" asked Cat.
"You bet weíre gonna party," answered Catmon.
"Hmm Iíll take you down too," laughed Myotismon.
"Oh no youíre not," answered Cat.
"And how are you intending to stop me?" sniggered Myotismon.
"I donít have to, my emotions make Catmon and my good emotions are with me forever so my Catmon is going to be around for a long time to come," replied Cat.
"Good can be defeated remember when I defeated you?" he asked
"You didnít defeat me you stalled me," answered Cat.
"I almost killed you if Piximon and your friends hadnít turned up you wouldnít be here now," answered Myotismon.
Catís heart sunk. She looked at Catmon and saw her start to flash red.
"No!" she shouted. "Youíre wrong if you hadnít been saved when Werepeacemon was creaming you you wouldnít have been here Iíd have gone to Primary Village and destroyed your egg."
"Ah yes I remember Gatomon saved me on the back of a Devidramon," he replied.
"And I regret it," growled Gatomon
"What it was you?" asked Cat
"Hmm Iím sorry," replied Gatomon.
Cat looked at Catmon she was still red and getting smaller.
"Oh sheís dedigivolving what can I do?" she thought.
"Cat help!" called Catmon.
"I will never give up!" exclaimed Cat. "Even if she dedigivolves we will still beat you somehow."
Catmon started to change again as if caught between a battle of emotions. This time she stopped changing and stood there proudly and strong.
"Ok Catmon you know what to do!" exclaimed Cat. "Go and get him."
"Destiny Fist," called Catmon.
It hit Myotismon dead on and he shuddered in pain.
"Ok time to finish you off," said Catmon. "Freedom Gate."
A tornado came from her hands. Myotismon flew into the air and growled a warning.
"You will never defeat me this time Iíll let you go I will return," he went out of the window and into the night sky.
"And donít come back," called Cat.
Catmon dedigivolved to Harmonymon her in-training mode.
"You were great!" cried Cat.
Harmonymon blushed.
"Hey it wasnít just me!" answered Harmonymon. "You battled your emotions and won."
"You guys were the bomb," said Tai.
"We all were," replied Cat. "Come on lets go before he comes back for round two."
"I agree we ainít at full strength," answered Matt.
They children and their digimon left Myotismon castle.
"So until we meet again Cat," said Matt.
"What do you mean I am living in the same area as most of you," answered Cat.
"Hey thatís right you can start jamminí with us," replied Matt.
"Hmm that sounds way past cool," exclaimed Cat.
"Cat!" said Kari.
"What is it Kari?" asked Cat.
"Iím glad youíre our friend," she replied.
"Oh Kari," answered Cat. "Iím glad weíre friends too."
"Tai!" said Koromon. "Weíll keep here safe."
"And if we need you we will tell you," carried on Lightmon.
"Right then," answered Cat. "I will be there."
"We all will," replied Matt.
"Come on let jet Iím tired and itís been a long day," said Cat.
"I agree itís past your bed time Tk," answered Matt.
"Itís only once," he replied.
The kids and their digimon went into the distance as Myotismon returned to his castle to start their downfall.

For the next part of the story read a change of heart