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I don't own digimon it belongs to Toei-Animation and other companies. I do own cat though so please ask before using her or her digimon.

Beginning of a New Life (New Digitude)
This is a story of two people one is of Salamon and how she becomes a slave to Myotismon and the other is Cat who was transported to the Digital World before the original 8 Digidestined. Cat was transported to the Digital World, the Server part of the World, with her father when she was young. Her father absorbed a lot of radiation from the rift. She thought he was going to be the same caring man he used to be. But he had changed in to a merciless evil digimon. Digimon came to him like he was their king. Cat was mystified and walked up to him. The digimon posed in attack positions. Cat backed off. See called to her father to call them off. He ordered them to attack her. She ran away and he got the digimon to follow her. She ran to a lake where she ended up being surrounded. Her father came up and was going to deliver a deathblow to Cat when a set of stairs came from the lake and a man climbed the stairs and grabbed Cat and ran back down the stairs the water closed behind them. At the bottom of the stairs was his house.

Chapter 1
"Who are you and where am I." she asked.
"I am Gennai and you are in the Digital World," he replied. "Why was Myotismon after you?"
"Myotismon?" she answered puzzled.
"Myotismon was the person chasing you," Gennai told her.
"How do you know him?" Cat asked.
"He is the self-proclaimed king of the Digital World. His coming has been prophesied for a long time," replied Gennai.
"He was my father but we got transported through a dimensional rift he absorbed a lot of radiation he then changed before my eyes to Myotismon." She told him.
"You must find a device that can get you home again," said Gennai.
"Where is this device?" asked Cat.
"Iím not sure to be honest with you but I know itís on File Island," replied Gennai.
"Oh on!" she cried.
"Donít worry I can send you to there in the right direction," he told her.
"Ok do you mind me staying here until tomorrow?" Cat asked.
"Of course you can," he answered. "I will prepare you tomorrow,"
With that she went to sleep ready for the day ahead. Next morning Gennai appeared with a small computer in one of his hand and a digiegg in the other.
"This is a digiegg it will hatch into a digimon," said Gennai.
"Digimon?" questioned Cat.
"Myotismon is a digimon and the things with him are digimon," replied Gennai. "But this
digimon will be a good digimon and will protect you in your time of need."
"Thank you Gennai I will not forget your kindness," she replied.
"One more thing you will need a Tag and Crest," replied Gennai. "You will find them on your journey to get home."
"Where should I now go?" asked Cat.
"I know some digimon who may know where the Digivice, the Tag and Crest are. I will send you to File Island by my transporter, " replied Gennai.
"Right where is that?" questioned Cat.
"The File Island is part of the Digital World when iíve transported you there go to the Primary village somebody there may be able to help you," answered Gennai.
"Also take this mini computer with you it will give you details on all digimon you see."
"Cheers Gennai, iíll start on my journey to return back home and to free the digimon I see on
the way," said Cat. "Goodbye."
With that she was transported from Gennaiís house to File Island. When there with her digiegg in hand and the computer in a pouch she started walking towards The Primary Village. Now there was someone following her progress in the Digital World. She had been walking for a while when she got hungry and thirsty. She sat down by a river in the forest and had a drink and to warm the digiegg up a while so it would hatch. After resting for a while she carried on her journey to the Primary Village. She also looked for food on her way. Finally she came across some fruit trees. She picked some fruit and ate it. Moments later a dart headed straight for her. She saw it coming and managed to get out of the way. She saw the thing following her she got out the little computer and checked up the digimonís profile. It came up "Demidevimon a rookie mischievous digimon who works for Myotismon his attack is Demidart."
"Iíve seen you show yourself!" called Cat bravely.
Demidevimon came out and threw another Demidart at her.
This time it hit her on her arm.
"Oh ow," she cried.
She began to feel sleepy and dropped the digiegg. But it was caught by another digimon.
"Get away Demidevimon," it said. "Super Thunder Strike."
It hit Demidevimon and he flew off from the forest.
"Are you alright?" the digimon asked.
"Huh, oh I think so I feel a bit weak but iíll be fine, whereís the digiegg?" she replied.
"The digiegg is here and itís fine," replied the Digimon.
"Thank you for saving me who are you? She asked
"Iím Elecmon," he replied.
"Elecmon iíll look you up on my analyzer," she said.
Cat looked him up "Elecmon a rookie digimon his attack is Super Thunder Strike he protects
Primary Village"
"Primary Village thatís where iím heading for," she told Elecmon.
"Why are you heading to my home?" he asked
"Gennai told me to come to Primary Village for advice on a special Digivice that will help me
get home again and for information on a Tag and Crest as well," she replied.
"I have something but you need to come to the village I will hatch your digiegg for you," said Elecmon.
In the village he took her to a house and hatched her egg inside was a digimon and it was like
blue blob.
"This is Pukamon," Elecmon told her.
"Pukamon iíll check it up on the digimon analyzer," she said.
"Pukamon a baby digimon whoís attack is bubble blow."
"Alright arenít you sweet Pukamon," she cooed over her.
Pukamon started eating food that Cat had put in her bag.
"Pukamon digivolve to," Pukamon called
"Harmonymon," said a different digimon
"Oh Pukamon digivolved," exclaimed Elecmon.
"I sure did," replied Harmonymon.
"Iíll check the analyzer again," said Cat.
"Harmonymon an in-training digimon her attack is bubble blow she is a fun loving caring digimon"
"Cool thanks Elecmon, now what about the information?" asked Cat.
"Here is a map Cat it will get you to the Digivice but you canít get back home with it yet you must help free some digimon from Myotismonís evil rule it will help Harmonymon digivolve to the next level," Elecmon told her.
"Thank you Elecmon but what about the Tag and Crest do you know where they are?" asked Cat.
"No I donít iím afraid," replied Elecmon "but when you get the Digivice iím sure there will be somebody who will be able to tell you where it is,"
"Ok thank you Elecmon come on then Harmonymon letís go," said Cat. "Weíll fill my bag up with food and then continue using the map."
They went and filled the bag up and thanked Elecmon again and then carried on their quest to find the Digivice, Tag and Crest and also free digimon from Myotismonís rule.

Chapter 2
It was starting to go dark when by following the map they found a hut with a digimon inside they knocked on the door.
"What do you want?" asked the digimon.
"Erm could you spare a few matches please so we can light a fire?" asked Harmonymon
"Come in and iíll see what I can do for you," the digimon replied.
Harmonymon and Cat went inside the hut not knowing that the digimon they had trusted was working for Myotismon and Demidevimon.
"Please sit down by the fire you look cold," said the digimon.
"Thank you," replied Harmonymon.
They both sat down and the digimon went into the kitchen.
"Check your analyzer Cat I donít trust her," whispered Harmonymon.
"Ok iíll check keep watch for her coming back in," Cat told her.
Harmonymon went to the kitchen door and started listening to a conversation. As Cat checked her analyzer. "Witchmon an evil digimon that works for Myotismon she is a rookie digimon and her attack is Ice Wand and Virus Game."
"Oh no Cat thought "What am I going to do? Iíll tell Harmonymon about her and weíll do a runner."
She went to Harmonymon and tapped her on the shoulder. She signaled Cat to be quiet and listen to Witchmon.
"Sheís here Lord Myotismon and a Harmonymon is with her too," She told Myotismon.
"Keep them there and I will get to you in a while and donít let them know you have the Tag ready for the Crest is that clear?" yelled Myotismon.
"Yes sir I understand," replied Witchmon.
"Good, now get stalling," he said. He switched off the system to go to Witchmonís house.
"Psst Harmonymon letís sit down and do some tricking of our own just back me up," whispered Cat.
"Here you are iíve found some matches for you two," said Witchmon.
"Thank you do you mind if we eat weíve got our own food?" asked Cat.
"Yeah sure donít let me stop you," replied Witchmon.
"Here Harmonymon eat all you want," Cat told Harmonymon taking all the food out.
Harmonymon ate most of the food.
"I donít feel so good I feel strange," Harmonymon started glowing, "Harmonymon digivolve to." "Lightmon," said the new digimon
"Wow you digivolved again," exclaimed Cat.
"Yep iím Lightmon now," Lightmon told her.
"Since youíve helped us Witchmon let us tell you our story," Cat said.
"Oh erm thatíll be good carry on," Witchmon told Cat.
Cat told her the story of how she came to the Digital World and what she was searching for.
"So I donít think iíll find the Tag or Crest or the Digivice I think I know where it is but iíd love to see the Tag and Crest and before you say you donít know where the Tag is we know you have it," Cat continued.
"What how do you know," exclaimed Witchmon.
"We heard you talking to Myotismon," said Lightmon. "We know heís coming here for us."
"How do you know iím a Rookie digimon?" asked Witchmon.
"I have a digimon analyzer so I can check up on digimon," answered Cat.
"So youíve found my secret but I wonít give you the Tag," said Witchmon.
"If you wonít give it us iíll take it," warned Lightmon.
"Lightmon be careful," called Cat.
"Donít worry sheís mine," replied Lightmon "Now hand it over Witchmon,"
"Ice Wand," chanted Witchmon
Lightmon dodged the attack.
"Lightning Bolt," called Lightmon.
It hit Witchmon directly on she fell back on her knees and she dropped the Tag on the floor Cat ran and picked it up and hung it around her neck.
"I got it Lightmon letís go leave her there iím sure Myotismon will deal with her for her failure," called Cat.
They left the house and ran to into the woods. At the house Myotismon arrived. Witchmon had just got back up.
"Where are they?" asked Myotismon.
"They escaped sire," replied Witchmon.
"What!" exclaimed Myotismon "I told you to keep them here!"
"Harmonymon digivolved to Lightmon they got the Tag," explained Witchmon
"You will pay for this," said Myotismon.
"No sire please," begged Witchmon.
"Nightmare Claw," called Myotismon.
It hit Witchmon.
"Grisly Wing,"
The scream from Witchmon echoed through out the woods and was heard by Cat and Lightmon.
"Now thatís her punishment lets go and find them Demidevimon and you are lucky I didnít destroy you," said Myotismon.
Myotismon got into his carriage with Demidevimon and went into the forest after Cat and Lightmon.
"Did you here that Cat?" asked Lightmon.
"Yeah I did and I think we better hide for a while just incases Myotismon comes this way looking for us," said Cat.
They hid in the treeís of the forest.
"Right I can check your profile Lightmon," Cat told Lightmon.
"Lightmon is a Rookie digimon whoís attacks are Lightning Bolt and Lightning Kick. She is a good digimon who is willing to protect anyone in trouble."
"What is your next stage of digivolution?" asked Cat.
"I donít know because no Lightmon has ever digivolved again before," replied Lightmon.
"How do you digivolve anyway?" asked Cat.
"When in the first two stages you can digivolve in two ways, Digivice and eat a lot of food which I did," answered Lightmon. "Shh I can here someone coming."
Coming past in his carriage was Myotismon.
"They are here somewhere I can tell iíve got a sixth sense for these things," said Myotismon.
He got out of the carriage and smelled the air.
"They are close," he told Demidevimon. " Fly into the air and see if you can see them."
He flew into the air. Cat and Lightmon hid themselves as best as they could so they wouldnít be seen.
"I canít see them sir," called Demidevimon.
"Fool iíll search myself," growled Myotismon.
He joined Demidevimon in the air and searched the area he stared directly at the tree Cat and Lightmon were in. The wind started blowing making the treeís leaves move.
"Itís going to be impossible to find them iíll land in this tree a moment," he told Demidevimon.
He landed at Catís feet if she had moved he would have known where she and Lightmon were.
"I know your here somewhere Cat and when I find you, you will be punished severely you have been warned," he called. "Come on Demidevimon with the sense of the air itís going to get cold they wonít survive the night if they have no fire of blankets or cover."
With that he flew down to the carriage and drove on to back to his castle on Server.
"Did you hear that itís going to get colder tonight we donít have blankets or a place to stay..."said Cat.
"But we do have matches and wood so we could do a fire to keep warm," butted in Lightmon.
"Yeah your right lets go a bit further and try to find some cover of sorts and to get a bit closer to the Temple," said Cat.
They carried on until they found some trees that the branches were crossed over. Cat went and got some wood and made a fire.
"Iím sorry Lightmon we donít have any food," sympathized Cat.
"Thatís my fault I shouldnít have eaten it all at Witchmonís cabin," apologized Lightmon.
"Hey if it wasnít for you Lightmon eating it as Harmonymon you wouldnít have digivolved to Lightmon and weakened her so I could get the Tag," said Cat.
"Letís go look for some food in the vicinity of the area," suggested Lightmon.
"Ok lets go look," answered Cat.
They went looking but didnít find anything.
"Not a zip nothing," said Lightmon
"Never mind Lightmon weíll be alright weíll probably find some tomorrow lets get some sleep," replied Cat.
They settled down to get some sleep but in Myotismonís castle Myotismon is livid that they couldnít find Cat and the newly digivolved Lightmon.
"We can always try tomorrow night sir," suggested Demidevimon.
"Silence Demidevimon or youíll meet the same end as Witchmon," warned Myotismon. "However you are right there is always tomorrow they could never survive the night itís freezing out there so I will not be feeding upon the night but I will go to the dungeon for something to eat instead, blood is always better when it has a hint of fear in it."
"Yes sir," replied Demidevimon.
"You will lead the search tomorrow morning and I will lead tomorrow night now go and rest youíll need it for tomorrow," Myotismon told him.
Demidevimon then went to rest whilst Myotismon went to the dungeonís of his palace to feed.
Back in the forest Lightmon is awake and looking after Cat who is shivering in her sleep.
"I wish there was something I could do for her to keep her warm," thought Lightmon.
She then got up and got some more wood and put it on the fire. Cat was still shivering Lightmon then remembered that Demidevimon had hit her with his Demidart from the story she told Witchmon.
"It must be a reaction she didnít look so good when we left the cabin," she thought
She then went near to Cat and pulled her close to her own body to keep her warm.
Soon Lightmon had gone to sleep and they both slept under the stars. A cat like figure crept up to the pair and laid a blanket on them and placed a basket of food next to the fire.
"You must win you must get the device and Crest you must live you must have a better life than I did heís hurting me more than you know," whispered the digimon.

Chapter 3
Next morning Lightmon awoke before Cat. She sat up and saw the blanket.
"Huh where did this come from?" she thought.
She then saw a basket of fruit next to the ashes of the fire. Cat awoke and saw Lightmon holding some food on a stick over a new fire.
"You got food Lightmon and where did this come from?" asked Cat.
"The food and this blanket appeared during the night while we were asleep. I think someone was smiling on us last night," answered Lightmon.
Cat stood up and called out "Thank you who ever you are."
She then sat down next to Lightmon and ate the food. After they had finished they put out the fire. They looked at the map and set of North East to the Temple. In Myotismonís castle Demidevimon is in Myotismonís personal room with Myotismon.
"Iím going to sleep in my coffin go to find the girl and her digimon and bring them back alive," ordered Myotismon.
"Yes sir I will try," answered Demidevimon.
"Where is Salamon?" asked Myotismon.
"I donít know she went out again last night she came back this morning but I donít know where she went," replied Demidevimon.
"Well before you go to find the brat find Salamon and bring her to me she will answer to me I will be here," he ordered.
Demidevimon went from the room and went to find Salamon. He went to her room which was more like a cell damp, grey and cold. He found her sleeping on her bed.
"Salamon," called Demidevimon.
"Huh," she answered.
"Get up Lord Myotismon wants to see you about your activities last night," replied Demidevimon.
"Oh I was....." she said
Demidevimon cut in saying "Save it for Myotismon."
She got up and followed Demidevimon to Myotismonís personal room. Demidevimon knocked on the door.
"Come in," said Myotismon.
"Sir I have found Salamon she is here," answered Demidevimon.
"Very well leave us do your job Demidevimon," ordered Myotismon. "You Salamon come here."
Demidevimon left the room and Salamon watched him go then she looked at Myotismon she swallowed and made her way to her master. She stopped half way.
"I said come to me," he bellowed.
She swallowed again and went to him. She looked nervous as she went to him.
She stopped in front of him and lowered her head.
"What where you doing last night when you went out?" asked Myotismon.
"I was enjoying the air sir," replied Salamon.
"Look at me when I talk to you, now what where you really doing?" asked Myotismon.
"I was enjoying the air," she said.
"What all night?" he replied.
"Yes sir," she answered.
"Liar," he snapped
"No sir I.." she begged
"Silence you will be punished," he cut in.
Salamon closed her eyes ready for the blow.
"Crimson Lightning," he called.
It hit her dead on Salamon cried out in pain. He smiled wickedly.
"Grisly Wing," he called.
Bats came from his cape and they flew towards Salamon she had picked herself up and tried to fight them off. She failed and was picked up by the bats taken to the roof and dropped her.
She fell and hid the floor. She laid there wincing in pain.
"The next time you lie I wonít be so easy on you," he warned.
She looked at him with her eyes narrowed in defiance. He was furious at this.
"I told you everytime you look at me with those eyes iíd have to hurt you, Crimson Lightning," he said.
The Lightning hit her again and again and again. She now laid still and cried.
"Get out and come back later tonight and I will contemplate your fate," he ordered.
She got up slowly and walked slowly to the door. She went through it and went to her room and laid on her bed and cried herself to sleep.
In the forest Cat as Lightmon have found a clearing.
"According to this map we have about a mile to go before we reach our destination," said Cat.
"Cool," answered Lightmon "Huh do you hear that?"
"Yeah it sounds like whips and itís coming from over there past those treeís I think weíve got some liberating to do Lightmon," replied Cat.
They crept up to the edge of another clearing and saw a digimon making other digimon work a big wheel.
"Iíll look at my analyzer," whispered Cat
"Litamon a normally peaceful in-training digimon who live in a close community their attack is Bubble Blow,"
"Hmm I wonder who the other digimon is that is keeping the Litamon like this," thought Cat.
"Hedgemon an evil rookie digimon who works for Myotismon his attack is Needle Spine"
"Can you take him?" asked Cat.
"You bet I can," answered Lightmon. "Anybody who enslaves digimon deserves to be taken down."
"Ok lets go," said Cat. "Hey Hedgemon"
She pulled her tongue out at him and then made fun of him.
"Grrrrrr iím going to get you girl and claim the reward Myotismon is offering," answered Hedgemon.
"Ok Lightmon heís all yours," called Cat.
"Ah Lightmon, come on then iíll take you down and then claim that reward," said Hedgemon. "Needle Spine."
It hit Lightmon
"Lightmon!" exclaimed Cat.
"This is too easy," scoffed Hedgemon. "Needle Spine."
Lightmon moved out of the way.
"Lightning Bolt," Lightmon called.
It hit Hedgemon.
"Lightning Kick," said Lightmon.
That also hit Hedgemon.
"Iíll free the Litamon," Cat told Lightmon.
"Needle Spine," called Hedgemon.
"Lightning Bolt," called Lightmon.
"Bubble Blow," shouted the Litamon helping Lightmon.
"And now to finish you off Lightning Kick," said Lightmon.
Hedgemon fell to the ground and pulled a communicator out. He pressed a red button and then disappeared.
"Come on Lightmon letís go heís alerted Myotismon," suggested Cat.
"Thank you," said a Litamon. "You freed us how can we ever thank you?"
"If Myotismon comes say you found the communicator here and that we went south west," replied Cat.
"Where are you really going?" asked Litamon.
"North East towards the Temple," answered Cat. "Speaking of which we better be going."
"Ok then thank you again if he comes weíll tell him that you went south west," said Lightmon.
"Bye!" called Cat
They left the clearing and carried on to the Temple.
"Lightmon, you did well back there," commented Cat.
"Well erm thank you," blushed Lightmon.
"We should be there in about 20 to 25 minutes," said Cat.
"Excellent then we maybe able to get the Digivice and get you back home," Lightmon told her.
"Yeah your right," sighed Cat.
"Whatís the matter Cat?" asked Lightmon
"If I do get home iíll miss you," stated Cat
"Hey donít talk like that Cat," said Lightmon. "You are going home."
"Ok Lightmon lets jet," replied Cat.
Cat and Lightmon went on to the Temple. Back at Myotismonís castle Phantomon has picked up the signal from the communicator of Hedgemon.
"I better tell the boss about this," he thought.
Phantomon left the control room. The same time Salamon left hers. They both arrived at Myotismonís study at the same time.
"Oh Phantomon," said Salamon.
"What happened to you Salamon?" asked Phantomon.
"His Lordship," answered Salamon. "Iíve been ordered back to him this afternoon."
"Well iíve had a signal from Hedgemon the girl and Lightmon have been found by him but they destroyed him before he could get them," replied Phantomon.
Phantomon knocked on the door.
"Come in," came the reply.
Salamon and Phantomon entered.
"What is it?" snapped Myotismon.
"You ordered me back sir so I have come," Salamon answered.
"Ah yes I remember," said Myotismon. "What is it Phantomon?"
"Iíve received an emergency transmission from Hedgemon," he replied.
"Right go back to your station Phantomon iíll be with you in a moment iíve got some unfinished business to take care of," ordered Myotismon.
"Yes sir," answered Phantomon.
He left the room. Salamon looked at Myotismon with fear in her eyes.
"I have decided what iím going to do to you," said Myotismon.
Salamon stood and looked at him fearfully.
"I am going to punish you some more and you are lucky iím not going to kill you," he continued.
Salamon stood quietly waiting for her punishment holding her breath waiting for the first blow.
"Iíll punish you later you are confined to you room while I am gone it will be going dark soon and I am going personally to the site of Hedgemonís transmission," he told her.
"Sir," said Salamon.
She turned and went through the door and to her room.
"Well at least iím not going to die," she thought "But iíll probably wish I was afterwards heís finished with me."

Chapter 4
Cat and Lightmon however have reached the Temple.
"Hello is anyone here," called Cat.
"Whoís there?" came a reply. "Do you work for Myotismon if so leave now."
"My name is Cat and this is Lightmon we donít work for Myotismon," answered Cat.
"Please come in then," replied the digimon.
Cat and Lightmon entered the temple.
"Hello," said Cat.
"Hello miss," answered the digimon. "How can I help you?"
"We were sent to you about some information on a Digivice," replied Cat.
"Hmm come into this secret room I conceal it from Myotismon so he canít find the Digivices," he said.
"Can I check you out on my digimon analyzer?" asked Cat.
"Please be my guest," he replied.
"Centarumon a good digimon and the keeper of the Digivices his attack is Solar Ray"
"So you are the digimon weíve been searching for!" exclaimed Cat.
"That is correct Cat," answered Centarumon. "How long have you been outside?"
"Cat has been outside two days and was hit by a Demidart but I have been outside a day and a half I hatched from a digiegg to Pukamon then to Harmonymon then to my present form Lightmon," replied Lightmon.
"Are you alright Cat? How did you survive last night?" he questioned them.
"Iím fine now," replied Cat.
"We only survived because somebody gave us a blanket while we were asleep and left some food for us, I tried to keep her warm but I myself was cold," carried on Lightmon.
"You may stay here tonight I am sure Myotismon will be after you since you are the 1st destined child," Centarumon told them.
"Destined child what are you talking about?" asked Cat rather puzzled.
"You are the 1st destined child sent to start freeing the Digital World from Myotismonís evil rule," he answered.
"Then I will do everything I can to help free this world," she said.
"Very well in this casket is your Digivice it will make Lightmon digivolve when you are in trouble and also it will eventually get you home again," Centarumon told them.
"Thank you Centarumon, I donít suppose you know where I can get my Crest for to go in this Tag do you?" asked Cat.
"I personally donít know about the Tags or Crests but you can use this Comm port to try and get a hold of Gennai "the knowledge of the Digital World"," suggested Centarumon.
"Thank you Centarumon," replied Cat.
She then tried to get a hold of Gennai.
"Hello this is Gennai here," said Gennai.
"Gennai itís Cat and Lightmon here," replied Cat.
"Cat how are you and wow youíve changed since you were last with me as a digiegg Lightmon," exclaimed Gennai.
"Thanks Gennai I think," said Lightmon.
"Ok now how why have you called?" he asked.
"I have the Tag and the Digivice Gennai," replied Cat.
"Wow where did you get the Tag from?" he asked.
"Witchmon had it, Lightmon digivolved from Harmonymon by eating our food stock to weaken her so I could get the Tag and the Digivice we got from Centarumon we also freed some Litamon from Hedgemon and Myotismon," answered Cat.
"Ok then do you know where the Crest is yet?" questioned Gennai.
"No we were wondering if you had any idea where the Crest was," answered Lightmon.
"Iím afraid I donít know either," replied Gennai.
"Then what do we do?" asked Cat
"Try to find it on your own means I donít have any idea where it is," he told them.
"Ok Gennai thank you anyway take care from all of us," she replied.
"Take care both of you," he said and then switched off.
"Right I wonder what the Crest looks like so I can at least keep my eyes open for it," said Cat.
"I know the names of the Crests," answered Centarumon.
"You do!" exclaimed Cat can you tell us?"
"Yeah the Crests are: Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, Light, Kindness, Miracles, Fate, Truth, Justice, Spirit, Peace and Enchantment," he told them.
"16 different Crests which one is mine?" Cat exclaimed.
"It could be anyone there is something I have here that can tell you which one of the Crests represents you the most," said Centarumon.
"Hey Cat itís now dark outside," stated Lightmon.
"Hmm Myotismon will be able to come on out now then I will stand guard while you sleep, if you want you can check your match up in the morning," answered Centarumon.
"Better do it now itíll save moving time in the morning," replied Cat.
"Fine itís over here," said Centarumon pointing to a machine in the corner.
"Right what do I do?" asked Cat.
"Put your hand into the scanner and then itíll tell you," he replied.
Cat put her hand in the scanner. The machine gave her the results.
"You have a match to all of the Crests," it beeped.
"Iíve got to find all of them then!" exclaimed Cat "Oh,"
"Never mind Cat," sighed Lightmon "Weíll find em."
"Lets sleep Lightmon," said Cat "Weíll need it if weíre to find all 16 Crests."
In the forest clearing Myotismon, Phantomon and Demidevimon arrived at the scene.
"Find the communicator fast and then bring it to me," ordered Myotismon.
The digimon searched the area.
"Are you looking for this?" asked a voice from the darkness.
"Show yourself to me now!" ordered Myotismon.
The digimon came into the light.
"A Litamon," stated Demidevimon.
"Unlike the others iím loyal to my master," said the Litamon.
"Good job too Litamon now hand me the communicator," he told the Litamon.
Litamon took it to Myotismon.
"Where did the girl and her digimon go?" Myotismon asked him.
"North East sir to the Temple," answered the Litamon.
"Right and now I have no use for you anymore because you stood by and let them attack Hedgemon," replied Myotismon.
"No I..."she pleaded.
"Nightmare Claw," called Myotismon.
It hit the Lightmon and she froze.
"Crimson Lightning," he called.
That hit Litamon. He then hit her again with the Crimson Lightning and then again. With a final blow the Litamon disappeared into thin air and was deleted.
"Letís get to that temple and get them," ordered Myotismon.
Outside the Temple Centarumon looked at the night sky. He noticed a smoggy cloud of fog coming their way.
"Hmm," he thought "I better wake Cat and Lightmon Myotismon is on his way here."
"Cat, Lightmon get up Myotismonís coming this way,"
"Myotismon oh no," cried Lightmon. "Quick Cat get out of here,"
"Over there get them I want them alive," ordered Myotismon.
"Iíll protect you Cat," said Lightmon.
"Come on weíre leaving not fighting this time," replied Cat.
"There is wisdom in her words Lightmon you canít fight him as a Rookie heís an Ultimate digimon," answered Centarumon.
"I never did check his profile did I?" pondered Cat.
"Myotismon the self proclaimed prophesized Digimon King he is an Ultimate digimon whoís attacks are Grisly Wing, Crimson Lightning and Nightmare Claw if you get hit by Nightmare Claw itís normally the end for the digimon"
"Heís right Myotismon is an Ultimate Digimon," cried Cat "We need a Crest before we can even think about fighting him."
"Thank you Centarumon but weíre going before weíre history," answered Lightmon.
With that they ran into the forest.
"After them," ordered Myotismon.
Two digimon went after them both.
"Stop or be destroyed," they warned.
Cat and Lightmon carried on running.
"I warned you," called the 1st digimon. "Twin Sickles,"
The attack hit Cat and not Lightmon. She cried out in pain.
"Cat, that does it iím fighting them here and now," growled Lightmon.
"Iíll check their status to see if you can fight them," whispered Cat.
"Snimon a praying mantis digimon he is a Champion digimon whoís attack is Twin Sickles"
"Tuskmon a dinosaur digimon he is a Champion digimon whoís attack is Slamming Tusk"
"You canít fight them theyíre Champion digimon," cried Cat.
"They hurt you iím fighting," replied Lightmon. "Lightning Kick."
It hit the digimon but only phased them.
"This is bad you canít win them Lightmon," cried Cat.
"Twin Sickles," called Snimon
"Slamming Tusk," called Tuskmon.
Both the attacks hit Lightmon.
"No Lightmon," cried Cat.
When a tear fell onto her Digivice it glowed.
"My Digivice," she gasped.
The light hit Lightmon and she digivolved.
"Lightmon digivolve to," called Lightmon
A new digimon appeared.
"Peacemon," it said.
"Wow another digivolution," gasped Cat
"Peacemon a Champion digimon her attacks is Peace Charm and Peace Ball. She is a cool loving digimon who will protect you in your time of need."
"Peacemon you can cream these guys," called Cat.
"Peace Charm," called Peacemon.
The attack hit both the digimon and made them freeze.
"Frozen solid cool finish em Peacemon," shouted Cat.
"Peace Ball," called Peacemon.
The attack hit the digimon and they disappeared.
"Yeah huh now what?" said Cat puzzled as her Tag started glowing.
A stone slab also started glowing. It had a heart shape on it with a circle on the right half of the heart. It turned into a small square and filled the Tag snugly.
"Cool itís a Crest!" exclaimed Cat.
Peacemon dedigivolved back to Lightmon.
"Hey you erm changed back," exclaimed Cat.
"Yeah I dedigivolved back I canít keep my energy up for too long as a Champion," said Lightmon.
"You were cool as a champion but you cuddlier as a Rookie," giggled Cat.
"Cheers Cat I think," replied Lightmon "Youíve got the 1st Crest of 16."
"Yeah I felt love for you by trying to protect you and not letting you fight a them when you were a Rookie and they were Champions," answered Cat.
"Iím guessing itís the Crest of Love," said Lightmon. "Can we use the mini computer that you use to get a hold of Gennai?"
"Iíll try later but we better get away from here before Myotismon comes himself," answered Cat.
"With the Crest I should be able to digivolve to an Ultimate digimon," stated Lightmon.
"Come on Lightmon we better hide and then go and see if Centarumon is alright," suggested Cat.
"Yeah he helped us we must help him," replied Lightmon. "First a place to hide I can dig into this soil and make a hideaway till morning."
Lightmon digs into the soil and makes a cave they then block the entrance with soil and settled down for the night. Myotismon comes to the covered cave.

Chapter 5
"Where have they gone?" growled Myotismon
"I think Tuskmon and Snimon have been defeated," said Demidevimon.
"I can see that but where have Cat and Lightmon gone?" asked Myotismon.
"Probably miles away by now," replied Demidevimon.
"Silence Demidevimon weíre returning to the castle where I will plan again," said Myotismon "Come let us go."
He and Demidevimon got into the carriage and drove off to his castle.
"That was close again Lightmon," stated Cat
"Hmm we still better stay in here until morning just incases he returns," answered Lightmon.
Cat and Lightmon went to sleep. In the morning Cat was the first awake she woke up Lightmon.
"What is it Cat?" asked Lightmon.
"Itís daytime Lightmon," said Cat "I can see it coming in through a small gap in the cave entrance."
Lightmon dug their way out and the stepped out into the sunlight.
"Lets see if Centarumon is alright," Cat suggested.
"Yeah I hope heís alright," worried Lightmon.
They carefully went to the Temple.
"Centarumon are you still here?" called Cat.
"Cat is that you?" came the reply.
"Yes iím with Lightmon are you ok?" asked Cat.
"Come on in iím in the secret room," he answered.
Cat and Lightmon went in cautiously. But their caution was not needed.
"He didnít find me or the Digivices," he smiled.
"We managed to defeat Snimon and Tuskmon, Lightmon digivolved to Peacemon and we found a Crest," said Cat.
"Which one?" asked Centarumon.
"The Crest of Love I think," answered Cat.
"Put it into the machine along with your mini computer and it will tell you and then the program can be down loaded onto the computer of yours," he told her.
She did that and it gave her a reading.
"This is the Crest of Love," it beeped.
"You were right!" exclaimed Centarumon. "Here is your Tag and Crest and here is your computer."
"Thank you weíd better get going to find the rest of the Crests," stated Lightmon.
"Yes you are right," said Cat "Thank you for everything Centarumon goodbye"
"Goodbye and good luck," Centarumon answered.
Cat and Lightmon went from the Temple to the rest of File Island.
"Iím hungry," moaned Lightmon when they had been travelling an hour.
"Ok then weíll look for food Lightmon," Cat told her.
They looked for food and found some fruit.
"Iíll make a rod out of this pole over here and some string iíve got," said Cat.
She made the rod and fished. She got a fish from the river.
"Iíve caught a fish Lightmon," Cat told her very excited.
"Iíve made a fire so we can cook it," answered Lightmon.
They cooked the fish and shared it and they ate the fruit as well. They then had a drink of water and filled a canister with water and filled Cats bag with food.
Whilst they were looking for another Crest a digimon was watching them in the trees. It was Salamon she was badly hurt from her second beating from Myotismon after he returned from the night he took his frustration out on her and gave her her punishment.
"Weíll continue North East to find another Crest," said Cat.
"Hmm," Salamon thought "Iíve been sent to spy for him and if I donít tell him heíll hurt me again so iíd better tell him."
She went back to Myotismonís castle on Server by transportation
"So sir they are heading North East on File Island I saw them leave the Temple and I followed them into the forest," said Salamon nervously.
Myotismon rose from his coffin and stood up. Salamon stepped back a pace or two fearing the worst.
"Are your scars healing?" he asked.
"All but one on my left paw," she replied.
"Right youíve done well Salamon go and rest iíll get them tonight but I will send Bakemon to get them now," said Myotismon. "Now youíve learnt the concept of loyalty and obedience youíll be useful to me."
"Yes sir," replied Salamon.
With that she left Myotismon presence and went to her room. She looked at her left paw. It had a big diagonal cross on it from where Myotismon had tortured her. She cried but knew the price of betrayal and disobeying orders she didnít want to feel that pain anymore.
Back in the forest Cat and Lightmon are having a laugh whilst walking.
"So you fell then?" asked Lightmon
"Yep my father helped me up that was before he...." Cat broke off crying.
"Itís alright Cat," soothed Lightmon "Itís not your fault that heís dominating the Digital World so donít worry."
They then hear a ghostly sound.
"What the!" exclaimed Lightmon.
"I donít know but I bet itís not good," replied Cat.
"Yeah your right weíd better go and fast," said Lightmon.
As they ran the noise seemed to be getting closer and closer.
"Whatever it is itís closing in on us," panted Cat.
As they ran past a house the thing chasing them caught up with them.
"Oh no itís Bakemon," cried Lightmon.
"Digivolve Lightmon," shouted Cat.
"Right," replied Lightmon. "Lightmon digivolve to,"
"Peacemon," said Peacemon.
"Yo Peacemon lets do it," encouraged Cat.
"Peace Charm," Called Peacemon.
"Dark Claw," said Bakemon.
The attacks hit in the middle but Bakemonís went through Peacemonís and hit her.
"Aghhhh," she cried.
"Peacemon!" exclaimed Cat "You can do it I know you can,"
"Iíll try," replied Peacemon.
"Good we can make it do it to it," called Cat.
"Dark Claw," called Bakemon.
Peacemon moved.
"Go girl," encouraged Cat "Iíll check the analyzer."
She checks the analyzer "Bakemon an evil Champion digimon who works for Myotismon their attack is Dark Claw."
"Peace Ball," called Peacemon.
It hit the Bakemon.
"Come on get him," encouraged Cat.
"Dark Charm," called the Bakemon.
Peacemon moved slickly aside.
"Peace Charm," called Peacemon.
It hit the Bakemon and froze him.
"Peace Ball," called Peacemon.
It hit him sending him into datafragments.
"Cool you did it!" exclaimed Cat.
"Yeah we did," replied Peacemon
"No you did," answered Cat.
"We did if it wasnít for your help and Spirit I would have been defeated and not him," replied Peacemon.
"Well thanks," answered Cat.
Peacemon dedigivolved back to Lightmon.
"Here have some food Lightmon," said Cat.
Cat and Lightmon ate some food. Suddenly Catís Crest of Love came out and into a small box which appeared on the floor. Cat picked it up. Then the Tag glew and pulled her to a stone it had a symbol of 3 stars on it.
"Itís a Crest!" exclaimed Lightmon. "Put your Tag to it."
The stone changed into a Crest and went into the Tag.
"Iíll check which Crest it is," said Cat.
"This is the Crest of Spirit," bleeped the computer.
"The Crest of Spirit cool," exclaimed Cat.
Cat and Lightmon continued on their journey to find another Crest. Cat called Gennai on her computer.
"Gennai itís Cat weíve found the Crest of Spirit now," she said.
"Well done but I have news the rest of the Crests are on Server I was reading some ancient texts two of the Crests are on File Island and the other 14 on Server where I am in my home," replied Gennai. "If I get anymore news I will tell you by paging you on your computer."
"Ok Gennai but how are we going to get to you?" she asked.
"Youíll have to find a way to get here yourself, my transporter has broken down," apologized Gennai.
"Fine weíll try to get across as soon as possible see you later Gennai bye," said Cat.
"Oh no Cat," sighed Lightmon "How will we get across."
"I see treeís and vines around here you can get the trees down with your Lightning Bolt and iíll tie them together with some vines and hopefully it will float," replied Cat.
"Ok then Cat Lightning Bolt," she called.
Trees fell and the Lightmon Lightning kicked it into planks of wood. Cat then tied them together and pushed it onto the water. It floated.
"Come on then Lightmon lets get on it and get to Server," said Cat.
Whilst on their way the water got choppy and the boat began breaking up.
"Cat are you alright?" asked Lightmon.
"No I feel ill from the sea and the boat itís starting to break up," replied Cat.
Suddenly without warning the boat split in two. Lightmon and Cat fell in the water.

Chapter 6
"Cat," called Lightmon. "Where are you?"
There came no reply.
"Cat answer me," beckoned Lightmon.
Still no answer.
"No she canít have! she canít have she perished for us trying to liberate the Digital World from Myotismon," cried Lightmon.
Lightmon grasped a plank of wood trying to survive to carry on in the name of Cat. She found she had been adrift for sometime when a digimon surfaced from the water.
"Hello," he said.
"Whamon!" exclaimed Lightmon.
"Climb on Lightmon you look upset," answered Whamon.
She climbed up.
"Why are you so upset?" asked Whamon.
"Itís Cat the human I was sent to protect, iíve failed, she was taken in the storm when our ship broke up.." Lightmon broke off crying.
"Donít cry," said a familiar voice.
"What Cat youíre alive how can that be?" asked Lightmon puzzled.
"Whamon saved me but was beaten back by the vicious waves so we couldnít get you we had to wait for them to die down before we could get to you," answered Cat.
"That was no normal storm!" Whamon told them.
"Do you think Myotismon had something to do with it?" asked Cat
"No doubt," answered Lightmon.
"Where are you off to anyhow?" asked Whamon.
"Server" replied Cat. "To find some Crests and also defeat Myotismon."
"Somebody has to," answered Whamon.
"He taken the freedom of many digimon," said Lightmon bitterly
"Thatís why he has to be stopped, I heard of you journeys and your task and I came to see what I can do to help," he told them. "Well weíre here this is as far as I can go."
"Thank you Whamon we wonít forget your kindness," answered Cat.
"Good luck," he replied and he swam off into the ocean.
Catís Crest of Spirit now fell out to the box and the Tag started glowing again.
"Again just when we land!" exclaimed Cat. "Now where is it?"
"Over here Cat," beckoned Lightmon.
She went over to a stone and placed her Tag to it. It slipped into the Tag.
"Time for a check I think," said Lightmon.
"This is the Crest of Friendship," the computer beeped.
"The Crest of Friendship, we cared for each other safety so much that the friendship we have has come out in us even more," stated Cat.
"Thatís right iím glad you and I are friends," smiled Lightmon.
"Ditto," answered Cat. "Now thatís 3 Crests, Love, Spirit and Friendship.
Unknown to them Demidevimon was watching their progress.
"Iíd better tell the master about them finding the next Crest," he thought.
He went to Myotismonís Castle and to then to Myotismonís room. He knocked at the door.
"Come in," he said rather annoyed at the disturbance.
"Master I have news," Demidevimon told him.
"Well what is it I am busy at the moment studying these texts," answered Myotismon impatiently.
"Cat and Lightmon have found a third Crest they have the Crest of Love, Spirit and Friendship and they are here on Server, but non of the Crests have shone yet," replied Demidevimon.
"What!" bellowed Myotismon. "How can they have got here and when did they find 3 Crests?"
"They got here via Whamon saving them from your storm and as for the 3 Crests they just got lucky at a guess," replied Demidevimon.
"You incompetent blithering idiot," shouted Myotismon. "Itís your job to stop them and you know that now get out of here and do it."
"Yes sir as you wish sir will you be joining us later tonight?" asked Demidevimon.
"You know well that I will be I will not rest at night until I have them here locked up tightly in a cell is that clear?" he answered.
"Yes sir quite clear," Demidevimon replied.
He went out again to find Cat and Lightmon. Salamon came to Myotismonís room she entered as the door was open.
"What is it Salamon?" he asked.
"I would like an assignment to fill my time in sir to stop me turning traitor against you sir," she said.
Myotismon was taken aback by this and began to think. Finally he spoke.
"You can be trained by Nanimon to become a warrior in my army then," he told her. "Iíll make arrangements for you to meet with him tomorrow but his Power Punch is tough and he will toughen you up."
"Toughening up is something I donít need I have already been taught that lesson," she answered.
"Oh by whom?" he asked.
"You sir when you when you punished me I learnt that I had to be tough to survive and thatís what get me going and thatís what gave me the courage to come here now and ask for an assignment," she replied.
"Very well, but it wonít matter, for you to become stronger and grow in confidence to get rid of the goodness in this world," he said evilly.
"I agree with you sir," she answered with a hint of enthusiasm. It wasnít what she really wanted but she had to please her master to stop the pain.
Back on the shore of Server Cat and Lightmon have been attacked by some Gazimon. Lightmon was making short work of them.
"Electric Stun Blast," said a Gazimon.
"Lightning Kick," called Lightmon.
Both the attacks hit canceling the other one out.
"Lightning Bolt," called Lightmon.
The Gazimon moved aside.
"Iíll check his data and whilst iím at it iíll check Whamonís too," Cat said.
Whilst Cat was checking the analyzer Lightmon was still fighting Gazimon.
"Whamon is an Ultimate digimon whoís attack is Blasting Spout. He lives at sea protecting the digimon that live there."
"Gazimon is an evil Rookie digimon whoís attack is Electric Stun Blast. They work for anybody who is the boss at the time."
"The Gazimon are Rookieís Lightmon you can cream them," called Cat.
"Ok letís wrap this up, said Lightmon. "Lighting Bolt."
It hit the Gazimon dead on and then she followed up with Lightning Kick. It did it the last Gazimon was defeated.
"And another one bites the dust thanks to you Lightmon," congratulated Cat.
"Thank you Cat you deserve congratulations as well you help me by encouraging me," answered Lightmon.
"Cheers!" she replied "Lets go and find some food and a Crest or two because I am happy,"
They carried on into the desert of Server.
"No food here," said Lightmon.
"Nope but we better find some water as well is there an oasis around here?" asked Cat
"Yes itís bang in the middle of the desert soon weíll be reaching it," answered Lightmon.
"I sincerely hope so for you to regain some strength because of the last battle with the Gazimon," Cat told her.
As she said that her Crest if Friendship transported to the box in her pouch and the Tag glew and pulled them both to a path of uneven sand.
"I guess itís under here somewhere!" exclaimed Cat
"Well this is a job for me," said Lightmon starting to dig at the sand.
She dug until she reached a stone.
"Pass me the Tag because thereís no way iím getting this up there," Lightmon told Cat.
She gave Lightmon the Tag who then put the Tag to the stone the Crestís symbol was shaped like a raindrop with two circles inside of it. It went into the Tag. Lightmon passed it back to Cat.
Cat pulled Lightmon up and then checked her new Crest.
"This is the Crest of Sincerity," the computer beeped.
"The Crest of Love, Spirit, Friendship and Sincerity," said Cat joyfully.
"4 out of 16 lets go itís getting dark Myotismon can come out soon and I donít want his fangs in me," shuddered Lightmon.
"Hmm itís been a long and eventful day and we better find some where to stay before he comes," suggested Cat.

Chapter 7
In his castle Myotismon is preparing to leave for Demidevimonís current destination which is on the desert of Server. He got to Demidevimonís location.
"What has happened then," asked Myotismon.
"They have found the Crest of Sincerity and they are at the Oasis," Demidevimon answered.
"A fourth Crest," growled Myotismon. "Are you sure they are at he Oasis?"
"Yes sir I left there moment ago they were lighting a fire,í answered Demidevimon.
"We will go there now," said Myotismon.
They went to the Oasis and found Cat and Lightmon sleeping.
"This is too easy," whispered Demidevimon.
Myotismon walked closer. Cat and Lightmon heard footsteps and woke up immediately.
"Cat get out of here itís Myotismon," cried Lightmon.
"Not without you iím not!" exclaimed Cat. "If you stay I stay and fight with you."
"Very well but if iím defeated run for it is that clear?" asked Lightmon.
"I," paused Cat.
"Cat you will run if I fall," ordered Lightmon.
"Ok I promise," said Cat.
"Lightmon digivolve to," called Lightmon
"Peacemon," said Peacemon.
"Come on Peacemon you are the champion of the Digital World," encouraged Cat.
"Crimson Lightning," called Myotismon.
It hit Peacemon and she immediately fell.
"Peacemon this is bad," cried Cat.
"Peace Charm," called Peacemon.
Myotismon blew it away without much problem.
"Cat go!" ordered Peacemon.
"I canít," cried Cat
"Go you promised," said Peacemon desperately.
"I know I just ," answered Cat
"Now," she ordered
Cat turned and began running she looked back and saw Peacemon being over come.
"You are ours," laughed Myotismon evilly. "Get after the girl I want her alive."
Digimon began chasing Cat whilst Myotismon held Peacemon tightly.
"You have the pleasure of watching your friend get captured while you are helpless to help," Myotismon said.
"Cat will make it I know she will," answered Peacemon desperately. "Go on Cat."
The digimon had caught up with Cat and she was fighting them off but the inevitable happened she was caught by the digimon. Soon she was brought to Myotismon.
"Finally you are mine!" exclaimed Myotismon evilly.
He hit her across the face with his hand. She stumbled back a couple of spaces. He then used his Crimson Lightning on her. It knocked her to the ground. He used it on her over and over again.
"Cat," cried Lightmon, Who was being held by Myotismonís henchmen.
With an another attack of Crimson Lightning Cat was knocked into unconsciousness.
"Pit Bomb," came a voice from no where.
The attack fell in the middle knocking Cat and Peacemon away from Myotismon and his minions. A bubble surrounded them both and they were taken away quickly by their saviour.
"Piximon!" exclaimed Peacemon. "Are we glad to see you."
"Hey you were in trouble with a capital T I had to help you," answered Piximon. "Iíll take you to my enclosed home and you can stay there for a while."
Cat was still unconscious from the blows that Myotismon had delivered.
"Please help Cat before me," said Peacemon.
"Ok just wait until we are safe," answered Piximon.
They reached Piximonís home and Peacemon laid Cat on a bed.
"Get me the medicine from that cabinet on the wall iíll see what I can do for her," Piximon told Peacemon.
Peacemon fetched the medicine and she dedigivolved back to Lightmon.
"Here Piximon is she alright?" asked Lightmon worriedly.
"Sheíll be fine oh you dedigivolved!" exclaimed Piximon.
"Good just keep her safe," answered Lightmon.
Lightmon sat down exhausted from the battles she had that day. She soon fell asleep. Piximon watched Cat throughout the night watching for her stirring. Next day she still hadnít stirred.
"How is Cat this morning?" asked Lightmon.
"She hasnít stirred yet," answered Piximon.
"Hmm I hope she does soon iím worried," said Lightmon.
The sun had risen.
Catís eyes began flickering as the sun shone onto her. She then opened them and groaned.
"Cat your alright!" exclaimed Lightmon "Iím glad."
"Thanks Lightmon," answered Cat groggily. "He hits hard."
"If I could have digivolved to ultimate I could have fought him even more but he over powered me very quickly," said Lightmon apologetically.
"Hey itís not your fault I got you into this so iím getting you out of it," answered Cat.
"No way iím staying with you you are special the fate of this world is in your hands and iím honoured to be fighting for it with you," replied Lightmon.
"Thanks," she said hugging Lightmon. "Oh who are you?"
"My name is Piximon," answered Piximon.
"He saved your life Cat," Lightmon told her.
"I owe you one buddy," answered Cat "If there is anything I can do for you I will..."
"You are doing enough by fighting Myotismon for me and my fellow digimon here in the Digital World," butted in Piximon. "But in the meantime I want to train you and Lightmon."
"Train us but why?" asked Cat.
"Lightmon said the Crests you have didnít glow when you were fighting so we need to get the balance right so they will glow and Lightmon can digivolve to ultimate," answered Piximon.
"Itís a great honour Piximon I will do what I can to help Cat," replied Lightmon "When do we start?"
"Later today but first you need to eat so your strength will be kept up both of you I canít have you collapsing on me due to lack of energy," answered Piximon.
"Before I eat can I ask a question?" asked Cat
"Sure what is it," replied Piximon.
"Well itís 2 questions actually, can I check your profile on my analyzer and two do you have a bath or shower I need to have a wash?" asked Cat.
"Question one answer Yes and question two answer yes and itís through the 2nd door on your left," answered Piximon.
"Can I use it?" begged Cat
"Well Iím not stopping you," replied Piximon.
"Thank you Piximon now the profile," said Cat.
"Piximon an Ultimate digimon whoís attack is Pit Bomb he is a trainer digimon who trains digimon to become stronger at heart and soul"
Cat then went and had a long soothing bath to heal her injury Myotismon had given her. After she had bathed Lightmon did the same to heal her injuries she had received in her battles. When they had finished they ate with Piximon and then were ready to start their training.
"Cat I want you to go and fetch some wood for my fire and then cut it with the axe that is over there propped up against the wall," said Piximon.
"Ok Piximon where shall I go?" asked Cat.
"Just go into the small forest over there behind my home and youíll find some wood," replied Piximon.
Cat went to the forest to get the wood.
"You Lightmon will stay here with me and you will fight me," carried on Piximon
"I will not fight a friend," answered Lightmon. "Iím willing to do a lot but if it means fighting friends that is something I wonít do."
"Very well iíll attack still and if you donít defend yourself thatís your problem," said Piximon.
Piximon used his staff and hit Lightmon over and over again.

Chapter 8
Cat was returning from getting the wood she saw Piximon and Lightmon she ran over to the two digimon.
"Stop it now!" exclaimed Cat.
Piximon didnít.
"I said thatís enough!" shouted Cat.
He still didnít stop. Cat saw a spare staff and grabbed it and ran infront of Lightmon. Piximon brought his staff down and Cat put the one she had found up and it blocked the attack. Piximon then put his down.
"What do you think you are doing?" asked Piximon. "You are supposed to be doing your training."
"Iím stopping you hurting my friend," answered Cat still holding the staff.
"You have learnt a valuable lesson today you defended your friend in her time of need and you stood up to the person making the pain that is good, but also you disobeyed orders when you knew you were supposed to be chopping wood," said Piximon.
"I disobeyed an order to stop you hurting Lightmon even more," answered Cat.
"Then you put yourself in danger to save your friend you didnít have too but you did," carried on Piximon. "You have learnt to defend a friend in need that is very good, Lightmon learnt not to retaliate to a friend even when they hurt them she kept at peace along with you can you didnít retaliate to me hitting Lightmon, there is not much more I can learn you that you wonít already know."
Catís Crest of Sincerity transported to the box and the Tag glew.
"Cat thereís a Crest here somewhere!" exclaimed Lightmon.
"Hmm where are you?" thought Cat.
The Tag took her to a stone with a sun symbol on it. She took off her Tag and placed it to the stone. It turned into a Crest.
"Check time!" exclaimed Cat.
"This is the Crest of Courage," bleeped the Computer.
The Crest transported straight away to the box and the Tag glew again.
"Thereís another one her," said Lightmon.
"Wow I wasnít expecting one let alone two," exclaimed Cat.
The Tag took her to another stone it had another heart symbol on it but it was surrounded by a cloud shape. Cat put the Tag to it and it went to a Crest.
"This is the Crest of Peace," beeped the computer.
"Sound," said Piximon. "I wondered what these stones were and now I know they were your Crests."
"Yes, are you alright Lightmon?" asked Cat
"Iíll be fine," replied the digimon.
"Come on iíll help you up," said Cat.
She helped Lightmon up and helped her to the house. Piximon got some ointment from his cupboard and healed Lightmon.
"Iím tired," yawned Lightmon.
"Go to sleep then," said Cat.
Lightmon didnít need telling twice she fell asleep.
"Will Myotismon find us here?" asked Cat.
"Not unless the barrier goes down," replied Piximon. "Cat."
"Hmm," she answered.
"You keep that staff you used to defend Lightmon," said Piximon. "Iíve got loads of them youíll need that one more than me."
"Thanks Piximon iíll take care of it," replied Cat.
"Go to sleep or youíll not be ready for tomorrow when you carry on your journey, you have all the knowledge I can give you," whispered Piximon.
Cat went to sleep next to Lightmon. Piximon went outside and looked at the stars and made a wish.
"I wish they survive Myotismonís terror they are our last hope," he thought.
In Myotismonís castle Myotismon, Demidevimon, Phantomon and Salamon are in Myotismonís study.
"So weíll go back to the desert they have to still be there since there has been no sighting outside of the desert the maybe still alive though after spending a day in the desert without water they may be found dead," planned Myotismon. "Salamon you will stay here at the castle at the checking post while Phantomon and Demidevimon will come with me."
"Yes sir," answered the three digimon.
Myotismon, Phantomon and Demidevimon left the castle and went to the desert. They searched the desert but couldnít find them.
"They have to be here!" growled Myotismon.
"I know sir they didnít leave today I was at the far end of the desert and they didnít pass me," answered Demidevimon.
"I donít know where they are but find them and find them now!" shouted Myotismon.
His shouting woke up Piximon, Cat and Lightmon.
"Doesnít he know that people are trying to sleep," groaned Cat.
"Probably he doesnít care," answered Lightmon.
"Where is he anyhow?" asked Cat.
"Close other wise we wouldnít be able to hear him," replied Piximon.
"Can you check his precise co-ordinates?" asked Cat.
"No I donít have that kind of technology," answered Piximon. "Sorry."
"Ok then weíll have to go out there to see where he is," said Lightmon.
"I donít think we do I maybe able to use the Digivice I have noticed that when trouble is on us it has a red dot on it and when there is no trouble it is clear," answered Cat. "So iíll look on my Digivice and see."
She looks on her Digivice and sees a red dot near a blue one.
"The blue one is us," guessed Cat "and the red one is Myotismon and heís practically at your front door Piximon he should have guessed we are in this house."
"He canít see it because of my barrier I have up if an attack hits it itíll.." Piximon was cut short by Myotismonís voice.
"I heard them a moment ago near here," said Myotismon. "Itís as if they are here but I canít see them,"
He called his Crimson Lightning which he whips around the area. It shudders the barrier.

Chapter 9
"Sir there is something here I saw it shudder," exclaimed Demidevimon.
"Iíll try again then and see myself," answered Myotismon. "Crimson Lightning."
It shudders the barrier again.
"Right time to take it down," growled Myotismon. "Grisly Wing."
The bats fractured the defense cracking it but not taking it down.
"Weíll go out there to him instead of him coming in and destroying your place," said Cat. "Come on Lightmon let go iíve just about had enough of this bloke."
"Iíll come with you to watch your backs," answered Piximon. "Because heís attacking my home so itís personal."
All three of them went out of the barrier.
"Lightmon digivolve," called Cat
"Right, Lightmon digivolve to," said Lightmon.
"Peacemon," called Peacemon.
"Hah you know you canít defeat me as a Champion iím an Ultimate digimon," laughed Myotismon.
Peacemon stood there as if reading his thoughts.
"Crimson Lightning," called Myotismon
It hit Peacemon. He then hit Peacemon again and again and again. Cat had seen enough she had her staff in hand and blocked the last Crimson Lightning. As she did the Crest of Courage left her box and the Crest of Peace went in swapping. Catís Tag and Crest then shone along with the Digivice. Peacemon then was caught in a blaze of orange light.
"The Crest of Courage," called Cat
"Peacemon digivolve to," said Peacemon.
"Metalpeacemon," called the new digimon.
"Ahh Peacemon digivolved," gasped Cat. "Iíll check the analyzer."
"Metalpeacemon is an Ultimate digimon whoís attacks are Metal Peace Claw and Metal Peace Ray"
"Cool Ultimate digimon she digivolved to her Ultimate digimon form," cried Cat. "Ok Metalpeacemon show him what weíre made of."
"Arghh how did you digivolve?" growled Myotismon.
"Thatís for us to know and you to find out!" called Cat. "Metalpeacemon go and get him."
"Metal Peace Claw," called Metalpeacemon.
It hit Myotismon making him fall back a couple of places.
"Youíll pay for that!" exclaimed Myotismon. "Grisly Wing."
That hit Metalpeacemon making her fall back a couple of places.
"Pit Bomb," called Piximon.
It hit Myotismon and then Metalpeacemon carried on with her Metal Peace Ray which also hit Myotismon.
"Iíll return and when I do itíll be the worst for you," said Myotismon venomously
He, Phantomon and Demidevimon then went back to the castle. Metalpeacemon dedigivolved to her in-training mode of Harmonymon.
"You did it Harmonymon you digivolved to Ultimate using the Crest of Courage!" laughed Cat.
"It was you that made it shine Cat!" exclaimed Harmonymon.
"No it wasnít me it was Piximon who we need to thank if it wasnít for your training I wouldnít have done that and made it shine," answered Cat.
"Well I didnít do that much," said Piximon.
"You did a lot you taught us the meaning of defense and friendship to do what I did," replied Cat.
"Come on lets go he wonít be back tonight so I can safely say we can go and get some sleep," answered Piximon.
They all went back inside the cracked barrier and went to sleep.

Myotismon was in his castle having his wounds attended to by Salamon. There was a huge silence. Salamon was the first to break the silence.
"My first training session was earlier today," she told Myotismon.
"How did it go?" he asked without emotion.
"It went fine Nanimon says I have a good potential at speed attacks," answered Salamon.
"Hmm indeed good for you, I didnít have such a good day as you can see," snapped Myotismon.
"How did they do this to you sir?" asked Salamon compassionately.
"Peacemon digivolved to Metalpeacemon and I know they used the Crest and since I have 6 stone slabs of the Crests I want to know how she digivolved," replied Myotismon.
"I guess weíll find out within time sir," answered Salamon.
"Yes we will I know their needs to be a certain balance of power but I donít know the exact balance of the power," said Myotismon.
As the night progressed into morning, the sun came up and Myotismon was far from itís rays Cat and Lightmon continue their journey.
"I know where there are at least two more Crests in the desert here alone," said Piximon. "The two I know about are at a tree garden just a short while from here."
"Thanks Piximon come on Harmonymon lets get going goodbye," called Cat.
"Bye and good luck," he replied entering the barrier.
Cat and Harmonymon checked Catís Digivice to see for trouble it was clear. When they saw the trees the Digivice started flashing pink.
"Look at the Digivice itís flashing," exclaimed Harmonymon.
"Hmm I think it may be indicating a Crest being here," answered Cat.
They see a stone wall blocking their way but two blocks together have symbols on them.
One has a symbol of a circle with a half circle underneath which is attached with two lines and a jagged bottom. The other has Three circles on one side connected by a line to two circles.
The Crest of Courage goes to the box and the first Crest goes to the Tag.
"This is the Crest of Hope" beeped the computer.
It then goes to the box. The other Crest then goes to the Tag.
"This is the Crest of Knowledge" beeped the computer.
The two blocks that are now missing allow them to go through.
"Cat we only need to get 8 more Crests we are half way," shouted Harmonymon.
"Yep we are," jubilated Cat.
They carried on through the desert to another forest.
"Is the Digital World made of forests or something?" asked Cat.
"Yeah most of it," answered Harmonymon.
They hear a muffled growl.
"Whatís that?" asked Cat.
"I donít know," replied Harmonymon
"Have you enough strength to digivolve?" asked Cat.
"Iím not sure," she replied.
Suddenly a digimon jumped out infront of them. Cat held the staff she had been given ready to defend herself and Harmonymon if she couldnít digivolve. But it was alright Harmonymon digivolved.
"Harmonymon digivolve to," called Harmonymon.
"Lightmon," she said.
Lightmon was going to attack.
"Stop," shouted Cat.
Lightmon stopped.
"Who are you?" asked Cat
"I am Leomon I will not harm you child or Lightmon either," he answered.
"Check his profile Cat," said Lightmon.
"Leomon a good Champion digimon whoís attack is Fist of the Beast King"
"Iím sorry we didnít trust you we have to becareful with Myotismon being around after us every second of the day," answered Cat.
"I understand you speak the truth and I know of your journey and I have come to see what I can do for you," said Leomon.
"Thank you," replied Lightmon. "We appreciate it."
"We need to keep going to find the Crests so we can free digimon from him," answered Cat.
Cat, Lightmon and Leomon continued until the found a village in the forest. The village was small and had Koromon, Tsunomon, Yokomon, Tentomon, Tanemon, Bukamon and Tokomon living in it.
"Itís Leomon," the said happily jumping to him.
"Hello friends," answered Leomon.
Cat and Lightmon smiled at this sight.
"Who are you?" asked Tokomon.
"Iím Cat and this is Lightmon," answered Cat.
"Hello," chirped the seven digimon. "Pleased to meet you."
"And weíre pleased to meet you too," replied Cat and Lightmon.
Catís Crest of Knowledge transported to the box and the Tag glew again. It pulled Cat to a stone block it had a feather symbol on it.
"This is the Crest of Truth," beeped the computer.
"7 to go," said Lightmon excitedly.
Catís computer started beeping. Cat pulled it from her bag and found a message from Gennai. It read: I have found the location of the last 8 Crests. The 8th one is in a village of seven digimon. The 9th is just outside the gates of the village.
Cat paused the message and went to the gates of the village. The Crest of Truth transported to the box. Cat put the Tag to the stone. The stone had a symbol of a circle with two half moon shapes underneath it.
"This is the Crest of Kindness," beeped the computer as she checked itís Crest.
Cat then continued the message: The last 6 Crests are at Myotismonís Castle in his vault. Heís been collecting them for a while now but doesnít understand how they work as you do. You must careful itís the last thing you have to do to get home.
"Great did you hear that Lightmon?" asked Cat.
"Yeah Myotismonís vault at his castle, instead of him coming to get us we got to go and try to get him," sighed Lightmon.
"Oh well it beats him trying to capture us weíll be walking into the jaws of doom," said Cat as if it was a casual day thing.
"Can you hear yourself you are cracking up!" exclaimed Lightmon.
"I have been for years," answered Cat laughing. "I know itís serious but you gotta laugh about it
or well be scared like no tomorrow."
"There might not be a tomorrow," said Lightmon pessimistically.
Cat gave a sigh it was getting dark as herself and Lightmon left the village to go to their destiny.

Chapter 11
"Fight Salamon," growled Myotismon.
"Iím tired I canít I need to get my energy back," panted Salamon.
"Power Punch," called Nanimon.
Salamon was too tired to move from the attack. It hit her and she yelped. Suddenly a white light enclosed her. She began changing. She stood on two legs had a tail with purple stripes on it with a spiked end and a gold ring on it. She wore yellow gloves with red stripes and instead of puppy dog-ears which she had as Salamon she had sticking up ears with purple points on the end like her tail. She was now a Gatomon.
Myotismon stood and looked at her. She looked back normally.
"Gatomon," he spoke.
"Yes sir," answered Gatomon.
"How did you digivolve?" he asked
"I donít know I just did and itís a change for the better I can serve you more now," she answered. "I am a Champion."
"Yes," he said "Yes you can, thatís enough for today Nanimon, Gatomon go and rest."
"Sir," she replied and walked off with her head held high.
After she had gone Phantomon came to Myotismon.
"The girl and Lightmon have been seen sir," he told Myotismon.
"Where? we will go there now," he asked.
"No need sir they are heading this way to us," he answered.
"Now what are they up to?" Myotismon thought he then spoke "Let them come and weíll take them here,"
Cat and Lightmon walked up to the foot of the castle.
"Is it me or has it just got colder?" asked Lightmon
"It just got colder I think I felt it too," replied Cat. "This is it lets go."
They walked to the top. It was an uneasy silence.
"Surly Myotismon wonít let us walk right in get what we want and go again," exclaimed Lightmon uneasy.
"So true," said Myotismon as a net was released above them.
It caught them both. Cat struggled to get free but couldnít.
"Lightning Bolt," called Lightmon.
It bounced off the netting and back at her.
"Lightmon are you alright?" asked Cat.
"Iím fine," she replied with a painful smile.
"Can you digivolve?" she asked.
"No I havenít the strength and iím tired," answered Lightmon.
"We have you now and this is where the fun begins," Myotismon laughed. "Not saying anything I think the phrase is cat got your tongue, take them away to my own prison cells where I keep the people I hate the most."
They were taken and chained to the walls. Cat tried to break free but received a sharp blow from Myotismonís hand. She thought of home and how things used to be. She then heard Lightmon crying. She turned her head to see bats pecking at her.
"Get away from her," Cat called. "Use your Lightning Bolt."
"Lightning Bolt," said Lightmon.
It dissolved the bats around her giving herself relief.
"I see you have initiative but iím hungry and I have longed to taste your blood and now I have you both of you, but especially you Cat," he smiled evilly.
"Leave her alone," warned Lightmon.
"And what are you going to do to me in the state you are in you are out of energy and you are helpless as you are," answered Myotismon smugly. "Now down to the trivial things like drinking, your blood that is."
He walked over to Cat looked at his eyes there was no mercy in them at all. He then brushed her hair aside leaving her neck bare. Cat closed her eyes, a tear fell down her cheek and thought of Lightmon and what they had been through together. She then heard Myotismon laugh this salved his ego. She felt the fangs sink in and she cried out with the pain. She blacked out for a moment but was brought back to earth by hearing Lightmon trying to get free. She started shivering as more blood was taken and then she heard the door burst open. Myotismon pulled away sharply which caused Cat to cry out in pain again. He turned. Cat opened her eyes and saw Elecmon, Centarumon, Piximon, Leomon and some of the Litamon they had freed.
"Leave her," ordered Piximon.
"You again," growled Myotismon. "All of you will pay for this intrusion go and get them." He ordered Demidevimon and Nanimon. They started attacking the digimon. Myotismon turned his back on the fight and went back to Cat.
"Now iíll finish you off," he smiled cruelly.
"If you are going to do it kill me quickly," gasped Cat weakly half drained of her energy.
"Itíll be my pleasure, to give you a slow painful death," answered Myotismon.
"Pit Bomb," called Piximon.
It hit Myotismon. He turned back again to fight his attacker.
Some Litamon had got through and used their Bubble Blow at the chains of Lightmon. They freed Lightmon who then went and freed Cat. She fell to the ground weak from Myotismonís attack.

Chapter 12
She got up slowly. She saw Litamon falling she saw Leomon get hurt as well as Centarumon. Piximon was fighting Myotismon but was getting beat. She then saw it.
A door with a lock on the door.
"Lightmon can you get through the lock?" asked Cat.
"Yes I should think so," she answered. "Lightning Bolt."
The door came crashing down. Cat went to through the gap made and saw 6 stone slabs. One had a symbol of scales on it, another had a cross with triangles next to it, the third had a leaf/cloud type symbol on it, the fourth had a circle with a star in it, the fifth had two symbols one was a claw but the other symbol she couldnít interpret and the final one had a small circle in the middle with points 4 big points pointing north, south, east and west and the little ones pointing north east, south east, south west and north west.
and the final one had a small circle in the middle with points 4 big points pointing north, south, east and west and the little ones pointing north east, south east, south west and north west.
Catís Crest of Kindness went into the box. The Tag glew and she put the Tag to the first stone.
"This is the Crest of Justice," beeped the computer. It went to the box.
The second stone reacted.
"This is the Crest of Reliability," beeped the computer. It went to he box.
The third stone reacted.
"This is the Crest of Fate," beeped the computer.
The fourth stone reacted.
"This is the Crest of Enchantment," beeped the computer.
The fifth stone reacted.
"This is the Crest of Miracles," beeped the computer.
She was interrupted in getting the last Crest by Myotismonís voice.
"Grisly Wing," he called.
Bats flew across the room to Lightmon and Cat. Lightmon jumped in front of Cat.
"Lightmon!" exclaimed Cat.
Lightmon digivolved.
"Lightmon digivolve to," called Lightmon
"Peacemon," said Peacemon
"Peace Charm," called Peacemon.
The bats were destroyed.
"You digivolved you got your energy somehow," stated Cat.
"It was you that did it your own energy your love for me," answered Peacemon. Myotismon interrupted her.
"So you think it was Cat I will destroy you Peacemon and then you Cat," he growled.
"No you will not destroy Peacemon sheís my friend and I will always be her friend," shouted Cat.
The Crest of Miracles left her Tag and the Crest of Friendship entered it. Peacemon was enclosed in a blue light.
"The Crest of Friendship," called Cat.
"Peacemon digivolve to," called Peacemon.
"Werepeacemon," said the new digimon.
"Iím checking your profile," shouted Cat.
"Werepeacemon is a good Ultimate digimon her attacks are Were Peace Claw and Friendship Beam"
"Way past cool," said Cat. "Ok Werepeacemon show him what weíre made of."
In the other room Nanimon and Demidevimon have snuck away. Leomon, Piximon, Centarumon, Elecmon go to the doorway and see Werepeacemon.
"Were Peace Claw," called Werepeacemon.
It misses Myotismon.
"Ha you canít get me Crimson Lightning," laughed Myotismon.
It hit Werepeacemon but she retaliates with Friendship Beam pining him to the wall. He breaks free and sees the other digimon. He attacks them as well.
"Everybody attack together," ordered Cat.
"Solar Ray," called Centarumon.
"Fist of the Beast King," shouted Leomon.
"Pit Bomb," called Piximon
"Super Thunder Strike," shouted Elecmon.
"And now to finish off Friendship Beam," called Werepeacemon.
All the attacks hit Myotismon and he fell he was still moving but very slow. Suddenly a big black digimon flew into the room turned around and then picked up Myotismon.
"Whatís that thing?" asked Cat.
"Itís Devidramon," answered Werepeacemon
"Devidramon is an Ultimate evil digimon his attack is hypnosis and slamming"
On Devidramonís back was Gatomon they saw her for a split second but the Devidramon went taken his injured master with him.
"Who was that on the Devidramonís back?" asked Cat.
"Donít know I didnít get a good look but whoever it was it got the Devidramon to save Myotismon," answered Elecmon.
Cat turned around to see Lightmon slumped on the ground.
"Lightmon!" exclaimed Cat holding her in her arms.
"Iíll be alright I was just getting over the digivolution it takes it out of you you know," said Lightmon.
"Just as long as you are ok thatís what matters," replied Cat.
"Havenít you got something to do?" asked Lightmon
"Yeah get the last Crest," replied Cat.
The Crest of Friendship went into the box and Cat put the Tag to the stone.
It changed to a Crest.
"This is the Crest of Light," stated the computer.
"The 16th and final Crest," answered Cat.
Cat and her digimon friends went to the lake where Cat first came to the Digital World. Gennai came up from the lake.
"We have all 16 Crests, Myotismon will be in no fit state to fight for a long time to come I hope he was heavily defeated," Cat told Gennai.
"Right then itís time to get you home," answered Gennai.
"What now!" exclaimed Cat.
"Yes," replied Gennai.
"But I havenít had chance to say goodbye," said Cat.
"You have a few minutes," answered Gennai "Then you must return home."
"Right then, I want to thank all of you without your help I wouldnít have made it through the Digiworld," replied Cat. "But you Lightmon I want to thank you in some other way but I canít."
"Iím happy enough for you just to be my friend," answered Lightmon.
"Best forever," replied Cat. "Becareful and if you need me if Myotismon returns and hurts you or something happens to you please let me know."
"I will thatís a promise," answered Lightmon.
"Iím ready Gennai," said Cat.
"Give me the Crests," Gennai told her.
She gave him the 16 Crests. He placed them around her in a circle. They floated into the air.
11 of the Crests disappeared they included the Crest of Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, Light, Kindness, Miracles and Fate.
The Crests of Truth, Justice, Spirit, Peace and Enchantment kept floating they then let out glows of light, Truth went gold, Justice went light purple, Enchantment went light orange, Spirit went light yellow and Peace went light pink. The colours engulfed her it opened a rift in the air. It pulled Cat towards it.
"Take care everybody," called Cat, as she was about to go through the rift.
"You as well," replied Lightmon waving goodbye.
Cat cried as she went through the rift her tears hit the ground infront of Lightmon. She waved one last goodbye and disappeared.
She landed with a bump on the area outside Odibah flats. She was home. She looked at her side she had her pouch. She still had the Digivice attached to it. She looked at the computer it had the analyzer on it. She looked for the Tag, she still had it along with the Crests of Truth, Justice, Spirit, Peace and Enchantment.
"Why do I need these?" she thought. "Itís over isnít it?"

On File Island a black digimon sent out black gears to make good digimon evil.
As Cat got back home seven other children were transported with Digivices to the Digital World and about to embark on the journey of their lives with Koromon, Tsunomon, Yokomon, Tentomon, Tanemon, Bukamon and Tokomon.