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Vandemon Daisuki
Myotismon of the Digital World:Part 1

By Myotismon13

A strange figure left primary village armed only with a DigiVice??ths later??lt;br> *seeks out the Digimon Emperor. Finds him on
a hill commanding a bunch of geckomon*
"Hey Ken??p;quot; "What the??ho are you?"
"Does it really matter?"
"Wait a second??know you??u're
Myotismon, that old
dark master who was bea??p;quot;*smack!*
"Listen, I ruled this world once, and I'm gonna
rule it again. And YOU'RE not going to stop me,
"Whatever. Just let me throw this dark ring
around you and
the spire should be able to control yo??!
What the? Why isn't it working?"
"Stupid. Don't you know a snake is immune to
it's own venom? Did you REALLY think that a dark
object would work against a dark master?"
"It doesn't matter. I can beat you other ways.
All of you! Get this??hack*
*Ken Ichijouji lies on the ground in pain *
" As for the rest of you, I ruled you 4 years
ago and can do it again, so don't get any ideas!"
*kicks Ken and laughs*
"I've got even bigger plans for you. Crimson
*there is a large flash. It hits Ken and he goes
Myotismon starts tying him up with some chain
he brought *
"Well, no need to let free labor go to waste.
Start rebuilding my castle!"
I'm posting more anyway, but your comments
would still be appreciated.
Myoty sighed as he settled down into his chair.
It was good to be back in charge. At least of a
small part of the DigiWorld. He was also glad
to be back in his castle, drafty though it was,
and, most importantly, back where he belonged.
He did regret one thing. He had to free Ken, at
least for a bit. After all, the show must go
on??uckily, he memory wiped him. Ken
was none the wiser and neither were those
stupid DigiDestined kids.
But it bothered him too that Ken had control of
Greymon. That could mean bad things for him.
There had to be a stop this kid SOON! That,
plus the fact that Veemon gained a new
DigiVolve, was also bothering him. He was just
guessing, but probably ALL of those stupid
Digimon had two eggs, out there, somewhere.
No, he wasn't going to steal them. He tried
theft and that didn't work very well??t;br> There was really only one thing left to do. He
himself had to get a higher DigiVolve, maybe
even with the new armor upgrade. But he
couldn't, not anymore??omMyotismon
was definitely destroyed for good in that last
battle. Anything else would be totally new.
But how to do it? The DigiDestined had their
DigiVices, but his didn't seem to work in the
same way. No matter how many time he tried,
it just would produce any changes. He doubted
he had a DigiEgg, but it might not hurt to look.
He thought he'd send out a scout party of
veggiemon to look, just in case??t;br> Then he remembered. The original kids had
crests the first time. These crest stood for
positive values which each one possessed.
Hope, love, courage, light, etc. But what
positive values could HE have? A virus type?
Not likely. But then how could Ken's Digimon
DigiVolve? Well, he couldn't, not yet any way.
Pathetic little Wormon.
Still, the problem had to have a solution. There
MUST be some good in him??bad as that
thought was. But what could it be? What on
earth! He had to think of it if he was going to
become stronger and show ken up, maybe
even get back ALL of his land.
So??d traits??ood traits??my. This
would be hard?? Meanwhile back on earth??t;br> "Hey Izzy, Look at your map of the DigiWorld!"
"Yeah Tai?"
"I know we freed the white squares and Ken
controls that black ones, but what that dark
blue square up in to corner doing there?"
"I don't know??mmm?? of a mystery.
We'd better check it out." !
Myoty paced. And did that some more. He was
worried about his lost power and the fact that
he had no idea how to regain it. Plus, there was
the fact that his territory was being ever more
closed in on by the Emperor. Something had to
be done, quickly.
Yet, as he'd expected, there didn't seem to be a
DigiEgg for him. None of his HenchMons had
even found a crest. Yet, maybe they didn't
have the right tools. After all, only he held his
true DigiVice.
Hating to leave his castle, Myotismon was
forced to go. Not that he wanted to leave that
incompetent DemiDevimon in charge....(who
by the way forgot all about that little snack
incident) but the alternative was worse. he
needed power, and he needed to succeed.
Coming to the conclusion (totally unfounded of
course) that the crest, if there was one, was
within his own realm, he set off. He began
exploring the darker regions of the DigiForest
where none but the Ultimate dared to go....
Meanwhile, the DigiDestined were fast making
their way towards his castle, unbeknownst to
him of course. ---------------
Myotismon had traveled, both in the air and on
the ground, for what felt like days. Day and
night were no longer distinguishable and he had
no watch to go on. He couldn't fly so much
now, and he was SERIOUSLY thinking about
heading back to his fortress. Just then, his
DigiVice flashes a bright, green light....
Tai led the others nearer and nearer to where
the computer had shown. They were all
curious, but that didn't stop them from getting a
bad feeling about this. Especially Gatomon,
since everything along the way seemed to
remind he of a past she wanted to forget...
Myotismon followed the light until at last he
seemed to find its source. According to his
device, the crest was buried right in front of
this tree. He saw it...a charm on a was
almost within his grasp.....YES! -----------------
"Gatomon, what's wrong?" said Kari, panic in
her voice. "Nothing...I just
He held it high above his head. Success was his
at last. He flew swiftly homeward, still
unaware that the kids were making their way there.
He entered his abode, still as he left it, and
wondered. he had the crest, but what was if
FOR? What was his ability? He studied it
carefully, but the only hint was a curvy line.
That was all. Was it a wave? Wind? What?
That symbol meant everything, for without that
ability the crest might as well not have been
found. -----------------
The kids turned a corner and came to the foot
of a mountain yet unknown to them. It went
straight up and there, on the top, was...
"Myotismon's castle." said Tai, in a whisper.
"That can't be!" said Izzy. "We destroyed him,
we all saw it!"
"Do you want to fill US in here?" said Davis.
"Here goes." said Kari, as she told the tale of
four years ago. ------------------
Myotismon wondered. And wondered. And
then he understood. it was all clear....
But, then, the crest began to glow as he
realized its power. He felt his own power
leaving him and becoming part of the crest. For
it to work, he'd have to give up something and
do what he hadn't done in over a decade....
Become an in-training Digimon.
------------------- Her story finished, Kari stood.
"Now, you see why we must go inside!"
They quickly ascended and went to open the
door....left unlocked.... ---------------------
From he study where he still sat, Akramon
heard them trying to enter. He know that the
beings at his door could only be one thing. he
had to leave and fast, for they'd surely kill him,
easily too, in this weakened state. But where or
how to hide.....the door opened....panic began
to cloud his mind....
Akramon (lower form of Myoty) was seriously
panicking. He had to get out of here FAST!
But there was no hope...not without
revealing himself. He could run, but like this,
he'd only get so far...
Footsteps. They were still getting closer!
At least he could get into the next room. It
would be close, but maybe he could make it.
Swiftly he left his chair and was at the door. It
slammed and locked behind him just as the
DigiDestined came in. What he saw behind the
door was even more unbelievable...
"Strange" said Tai, his brow furrowed.
"What's wrong?" Kari asked, looked at her
brother inquisitively.
"Nothing...I just thought there was someone in
here." "Well its abandoned now."
'Hey!" said Davis. "We didn't come all this way
for nothing. Lets explore at least a bit! Besides,
I'm tired after that climb. I need to rest!"
Akramon knew they would be coming in soon.
They'd push open the door and it would be all
over for him. They'd question him and he
couldn't hide the truth forever.
But right in front of him was a way out. There,
in the floor, was an exiting terminal. It's screen
was lit and it was functional. All he had to do
was lift up his DigiVice...
"Well, there nothing neat about this room," said
Yolie. "Let's move on"
But Gatomon just sat there for a moment,
looking at Myoty's throne, thinking of a time
when she'd reported to the Digimon that sat
there... "Is something wrong?" said Yolie.
"No," said Gatomon, breaking out of her
reverie. "I agree. Let's go."
Akramon disappeared in a whirl of light,
feeling the portal close behind him. He tumbled
out of Izzy's computer and onto the cold floor.
However, it was only moments before he felt
that something wasn't quite right...
"Hey! Did you guys see a flash?" said Patamon.
"Nope, sorry." said T.K. with a friendly smile.
"But we'd better hurry up and finish here
before Ken starts wrecking havoc again...."
Akramon/Myoty knew something was wrong
even before he stood up. It was then that he
notice he had legs. LEGS? In fact, a whole
body! Akramon didn't look like that! Was he
Myotismon again?
But, something still felt different. He needed to
see Quickly, he rushed off to a
dark terminal and looked at the slightly
reflective screen.
Then he knew what was wrong. He was human.
"Well, we've been almost everywhere else. We
should probably explore the dungeons before
leaving." said Matt.
"Well, alright," said Gabumon. "But that
WON'T be my favorite part of the tour.
Human! He couldn't believe it! HOW could this
have happened to him? I just didn't make sense!
Yet there he was, living. He could tell...the
computer no longer identified him as being
digital. Besides, he didn't feel that way. Now,
he felt so much more alive, so much more....real.
Stunned as he was, Myoty still managed to get
a good look at himself. He was average for a
human, male, blond, and looked to be about
twelve. He wasn't positive though. Strangest of
all, was the fact that if one looked closely, his
teeth were still pointed, almost like a vampires,
like they had been in the DigiWorld.
Still, as a human in this world, there were
changes that had to be made. He needed a plan
for what to do with this new ability...
The dungeon was dark and smelled pretty
terrible, which wasn't altogether surprising for a
dungeon. The kids could barely see through the
"Doesn't look like anyone's here," said T.K.,
glancing around. "We'd better leave."
Suddenly...a voice came from the dungeons.
"T.K! Is it REALLY you?!! You came! You
didn't forget us!
Myotismon was really at a loss for words. He
was a totally new person now, in so many
ways. But there were consequences now that
he was a human, and details that needed to be
dealt with.
He looked at himself again. He was clothed
with, not the cape and suit he normally wore,
but with plain khaki pants and a white dress
shirt, unbuttoned at the top. Just that would
never do. He needed more than THAT in his
wardrobe. And he needed food. And a place to
live. Stupid human needs.
What it all seemed to come down to was
money. He had none. Most kids got cash from
their parents, but he didn't have any so what
was he supposed to do? After all, stealing could
only get him so far. Of course, he could always
spend his nights in the castle in the
DigiWorld, in fact he'd prefer that. But he also
wanted to spend his days here, attacking Ken
from a different angle. How could he still live
here and LIVE here? Then a smile lit his
sharp-incisored face...
T.K. was totally taken aback at the sound of
his name.
"Who's there?" he yelled, darting forward into
the darkness. "It's us!" said the voices yet again.
And as Yolie advanced with a small flashlight,
T.K. saw the smiling face of Pumpkinmon and
Gotsumon staring out of the darkness.
He was human. So why shouldn't he just act
like one? No one knew about his
wouldn't take that much to fool people. Human
by day, Digi by old concept, twin
identities, but a good one. The only trick was
how to keep up both appearances.
He needed a family, but one who wouldn't
notice he was gone by night. One here, in the
city, where he could stay near Ken...and the
Great. Easy task. He had no idea where to
even begin looking...
"You guys! How did you get here? How did
this whole place get here?"
"We reappeared when the castle was
reassembled. Of course, when it was previously
destroyed, we were still in the dungeons,
thanks to Myotismon. But, we always knew
you'd come and free us!" dictated
Pumpkinmon, with a smile on his orange face.
"But how did the palace get rebuilt?" said the
dumbfounded T.K.
"Myotismon did that when he came back"
"MYOTISMON??!!!!" shouted all the kids in unison.
Myoty decided that he had first best leave the
room, since those kids might reappear at any
time. However, just as he was walking out of
the door, in deep thought about his
predicament, his foot hit a small bag on the floor.
"That's odd." he said aloud to no one but
himself. "I didn't see it there before."
Thinking it couldn't hurt to have a look, he
began searching the pockets. And what he
found was the biggest surprise yet....
"Myotismon...I knew he was back. I felt him
return." said Gatomon.
"This is terrible! As if we didn't have enough to
worry about!" yelped Sora.
"By the way," said T.K., as a thought stuck
him, "Are any more of Myotismon's prisoners
down here?"
"None but that chained up DigiEgg over there,"
said Gotsumon, pointing as Gatomon freed him
with one swift swipe of her claws.
Inside the book bag there was a small wallet,
with an identification card on it. It was his. He
fit the description perfectly. Blond, blue eyes,
5'4, male, born Dec. 5, 1988.........This was
him. And that wasn't all. This mysterious card
went far beyond just a physical description of
him. For, on it, was the name of the person it
belonged to and his home address...
"Look! It's a DigiEgg!" said Cody. "I wonder
what's inside it!"
"Only one way to find out." said Joe. "We need
to make it hatch."
"Here, I'll get it, we can take it home with us."
said Kari, reaching down to pick up the egg.
But, just as she did, it began to glow...
Myotismon could have screamed for joy. The
perfect, plausible solution was right in front of
him. Apparently, when he'd become human,
his life was built in to the history of the world's.
So now, he was as normal as any of the others
could be, with the exception that, underneath
his exterior was a Dark Master.
But he would play that part later, when he was
back in the Digital World. However, for now,
he knew who he was and what part he'd have
to play in the daylight.
He was Henrik Mortien, and German exchange
student living at T.K.'s house for the school year.
"Wow Kari! Now you have a Perimon too!"
said Yolie, looking at the cute little Digimon.
"Yeah, but I wish I knew what it was going to
be. By the way Yolei, finding your 2nd DigiEgg
was awesome too."
"I know. I can't wait until tomorrow!"
"We all better be getting home now. said T.K.
"My mom hates it when I'm late."
The others nodded in agreement and headed
off for each of their separate domiciles.
Myoty/Henrik took a deep breath and rang the
doorbell to the apartment.
"You're finally here! said a smiling woman at
the door. "your bags all arrived from Germany
and are in the guest bedroom. Feel free to
make yourself at home there."
T.K. and Kari stopped before the door of the
apartment build.
"T.K., about what you said after we went to
the DigiWorld alone..." "I really meant it."
Kari smiled.
"Alright then, you'd better get back home."
And the two parted ways, Kari taking Gatomon
and Perimon with her.
Neat and meticulous, Myoty set up his
bedroom and looked around at all his
possessions. He allowed himself a faint smile,
thinking that he was going to like this human
stuff. Just then, T.K.'s mother called to him.
"Could you come here for a minute? I want
you to meet my son!"
Ah, but I already have, in so many ways.... He
thought to himself.
"T.K., I have a surprise for you." "Yeah, Mom?"
"We've taken on an exchange student from
Germany named Henrik!" "What..?!!"
"I want you to meet him. Here he comes now."
And T.K. saw facing him the one sight he
thought he'd never see again..
Myotismon smiled at T.K. He had to. He couldn't suspect or that would ruin a lot
of plans...
T.K., meanwhile, was reeling. This kid looked like Myotismon. Everything. From
the stray strands of hair in his face to his teeth. But how?
"Hi, it's nice to meet you, T.K." said Henrik, breaking the silence.
T.K.'s mom smiled.
"I know you two will be great friends. Remember T.K., you have to take him to
the school tomorrow to get him registered in his classes. He's in your grade, so
you can introduce him to everyone. Meanwhile, I need to get dinner started."
"May I help you?" said Henrik.
T.K. dialed the Kamiya house as fast as he could and got Tai and his sister on
the extension. he poured out the whole tale to them very quickly.
"And so he's like really helpful and neat and stuff! But he keeps reminding me
of evil! What's going on here?"
"I don't know," said Tai, "But you, Kari, and Davis had better keep an eye on
him since he's in your grade."
T.K. hung up and just sat for awhile, puzzled about what all this meant. Was it
just coincidence that this kid showed up just when Gotsumon said that Myotismon
had returned?-----------------------------------------------------------
Myoty went up to his room after dinner was finished. It wasn't blood, but t had
been good...the thought suddenly jolted him. What if he was still vampiric
enough that he needed to hunt? Only time would tell, and it was getting dark
In the meantime, he decided to look at his possessions and see what kind of
person he supposedly was. He's only opened up the first case when he found an
intriguing object. A violin case, with the instrument and music inside. Could he
play? Only one way to know for sure. He lifted it, poised it below his chin...
T.K. was still sitting, dumbfounded, when he heard the music of 'Peer Gynt'
coming out of the room next door.
"He must have a CD player" said T.K. and went over to Henrik's room. What he
saw, however, was his mother standing at the doorway too, applauding as Henrik
finished the piece 'Morning Sweet.'
"You play so wonderfully!" she exclaimed, a bright smile on her face. "I hope
you can play your other instruments as well! Wasn't that just beautiful, T.K.?"
"Yeah, just great."-----------------------------------------------------------
Myotismon was quite amazed. He was discovering talents right and left, and he
was sure that more would appear on the morrow. He's already found out that he
could play seven instruments, speak twelve languages with fluency, and was a
chess master, swiftly working his way up to grand master.
Why he was so good, he didn't know. What he did realize was that it was getting
dark. For now, he'd go to bed. But then night would come and bring out the
monster in him.......-----------------------------------------------------------
"That Henrik is just wonderful. He helped me with everything tonight, keeps his
room neat as a pin, and did you hear him play!"
"Yeah, he's good alright." said T.K. But to himself, he thought, maybe too good
to be true. -----------------------------------------------------------
Henrik stated preparing for the night. However, as he got ready, he noticed yet
another something that he'd overlooked. His crest was hanging around his neck
and his DigiVice was in his pocket. How strange. Fortunately, they were there,
for he would need them in only a few short hours.
Myotismon waited until the hour was late. T.K. and his mom were asleep. In fact,
the whole complex was silent. It was time.
He silently got out of bed and left his room. he made his way out into the hall.
Under his arm was yet another stroke of good luck; it seemed that in the real
world, he owned a laptop and didn't need Izzy's.
he climbed up to the roof with his possessions and looked up into the sky. The
night was beautiful from up here; the stars had never shone so brightly. But,
below, in the streets, fog, thick and black, was rolling in.
He booted up. The gateway screen appeared, and, without hesitation, he lifted
his DigiVice up to it.----------------------------------------------------------
Gatomon slept restlessly that night. She knew that she was safe here, near Kari.
However, she just couldn't shake the nightmare...always those 'eyes' and her
punishment of crimson lightening. She woke up in a cold sweat, hands burning
from pain that wasn't there.
Myoty was in the DigiWorld again. However, to his surprise, he was still human!
How could this be? Was he totally human now? Could he never become a Digimon
again?Then he saw his DigiVice blinking and felt his crest burn...
DemiDevimon felt slightly relieved that his master hadn't returned for over a
day now. he knew what punishment he'd get once Myotismon found out that the
DigiDestined had been in the castle and that he'd let three prisoners escape.
Henrik held up the Device. And he began to change...but it wasn't a DigiVolve...
Gatomon paced for a bit. As she did, she saw that Perimon, too, was stirring in
his sleep...-----------------------------------------------------------
Henrik....DigiShift TOOOOOOO..... Akramon!
So. He was back. Now it was time to regain the power and abilities that he had
lost. Time to gain even more with the power of the crest.
However, just as he left the trees around him rustled...
Gatomon crept over to Perimon. Then, for the first time, she noticed that, near
where he slept, a light was glowing and in that light was a new DigiVice...Could
it be that he was another DigiDestinedMon?...